Another Plane diverted as bomb note found

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. A plane flying from Luton to Galway in the Republic of Ireland has been diverted to Prestwick, after a note was found claiming a bomb was on board.
    Staff at Dublin-based airline Aer Arann raised the alarm at about 2230 BST on Friday, shortly after take-off.

    Flight RE 508 reached Prestwick, south-west of Glasgow, just before 2300, escorted by two RAF Tornado jets.

    The plane's 53 passengers and crew all disembarked safely. Police later confirmed the note was a hoax.

    When are idiots out there going to realise how un - funny this is. Lets hope the guilty are brought to book and given a long streatch for it. An utter waste of our tax paying money on calling out Tornado's, emergency services etc. On another note, why is it Prestwick the planes are sent to. Is that the nominated Airport for such incidents like Stanstead is if a hijacked aircraft wants to land in the UK??
  2. Yes, let's all discuss counter-terrorist contingencies on an open internet forum.

  3. Its common knowledge in the public domain..nothing secret here
  4. Wake up! Stanstead has been common knowledge since the Afghan Airlines plane was diverted there some years ago. Or maybe they have a better duty free shop than Heathrow!!!
  5. According to the news on the radio this morning its the second one in a week from the same airport, both hoaxes.
    Maybe if/when they catch the idiots who have done this 60 odd coppers will pile into their house and take them away, and who cares if we ever see them again?
  6. Stansteads duty free area is rather nice. I prefer it to Heathrow and who wants to go to Eire anyway!!!
  7. Hey, Shannon has a duty free the size of an Asda Supermarket, Also the first duty free shop in the World!!!
  8. Well, I never said that they didn't have an Asda sized Duty free, I said that I don't wanna go there.

    Having said that, I may take a look just for the Asda sponsored duty free!!!! :D
  9. Which is all irrelevant when you're stuck on the pan at Prestwick.
  10. Pass my tinfoil hat.....

    Private charter aircraft is intercepted by RAF near Edinburgh after getting "lost". Aircraft is UK registered, pilot hails from Lisburn, N.I.

    Eirjet aircraft on Ryanair charter mistakenly lands at military field.

    Ryanair aircraft makes precautionary landing escorted by RAF after bomb threat received.

    Aer Arran aircraft makes precautionary landing escorted by RAF after bomb threat received.

    Anyone spot the common denominator?

    If I were a conspiracy theorist.....
  11. They all wear Calvin Klein boxer shorts?
  12. What's a denominator? I thought that was something to do with the clergy.
  13. It was mentioned on News24 with the first hoax that Stanstead and Prestwick are designated for CT operations due to long runways and good fire services etc. It's no secret.

    Unfortunately there are people that get off on causing trouble and seeing the results. If found they should be billed for the cost of what they've done. See if they ever can afford food again let alone hoax again!!
  14. An interesting point or maybe it's not that interesting but on arrival at Harwich International Port to sail back to the Netherlands, my car was searched. Correction, the glove box was searched for knives or sharp objects or pointy things. Sail this ferry to Prestwick maybe!