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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k13eod, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to introduce a nationwide scheme to allow disabled ex servicemen in receipt of a War Pension to travel outside peak times for free or at a discounted rate on all buses, trains and public transport services.

    Last year the Mayor of London introduced a free travel scheme that allowed those disabled ex servicemen in receipt of a War Pension to travel for free on London Transport including the London Underground, London Transport buses, trams, the Docklands Light Railway and over-ground train services. The scheme was implemented on 2nd November 2008 with free Oyster Cards being issued to applicants on proof of receipt of War Pensions. The scheme also applies to war widows and widowers. This scheme was well received by disabled ex servicemen and services charities and should now be implemented nationwide. Many disabled ex servicemen rely on public transport for their day to day lives but, although in receipt of a War Pension, do not receive any concessions for travel as they are not in receipt of Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate. Please join me and sign the petition to urge the Prime Minister to implement this well earned concession.

    Please sign this worthwhile petition and pass it on to those in your address book/add it to a site.

    Thanks, K13
  2. Done
  3. Sorry K13 I won't be signing that and am actually against it. I would prefer that disabled ex-servicemen were better catered in other ways.

    Why am I against it? If ex-servicemen get it, then other disabled, non ex-service, will push for it and probably get it.

    We all know that the current system for registering disabled is poor and there are many loafers out there who live off the state and put the genuinely disabled to shame.

    Someone will have to pick up this bill and it annoys me knowing that the taxes I pay help lazy gits maintain their life style, without adding more of the gits to it.

    If it were to be implemented would it be only for those who were disabled due to their service?
  4. Dingerr,

    Most fat loafers already get concessions as 50% of disabled are obese related and they usually qualify for the Disability Living Allowance at the higher level ... unlike us with the odd nasty scratch!
  5. Fair one.

    Maybe a petition to tighten that up then and spend the revenue on those more deserving.

    But I digress and am probably trashing your thread. Apologies.
  6. Im going to start a petition to get B&Q to stop calling their spades "spades".
  7. ;
    You're very opinionated Dinger :D
  8. Dead right ... we all know they're 'fcuking shovels!'
  9. Petition not needed; just tell Broon that it will cost next to nothing to implement and that there are votes in it...
  10. The DDA is all about equity I thought? Singling out one group, no matter how deserving, for extra rights seems to fly in the face of the philosophy of that, surely?
  11. Surely the petition refers to "disabled ex servicemen in receipt of a War Pension".
  12. Petition signed!
  13. Done.
    Will send to all I think will sign...
  14. Done with plesure sir. :wink: :wink: