Another Petition Ignored by HMG

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by still21inmymind, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. The petition to instate the Monday after Remembrance Sunday as a bank holiday to commemorate the wounded and fallen has been refused. Extract from standard No 10 website "Fcuk Off" email below:

    More than 500,000 people have signed this petition, and we are grateful to you all for taking the time to do so.

    Your support is a clear sign of the strength of feeling across the United Kingdom that we must do more as a country to recognise the contribution of our Armed Forces, and in particular those who have died or been injured in the service of their country.

    The Government recently published The National Recognition Study (new window), undertaken by Quentin Davies MP, which looks at the ways in which the Government, other institutions and the country as a whole can do more to recognise the service of our Armed Forces and Veterans.

    One of its recommendations was the institution of a special British Armed Forces and Veterans Day, which would complement the events held around Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday in November to commemorate those who have fallen in the service of our country.

    These proposals are being given careful consideration by the Government, alongside other representations we have received to institute a new 'British Day', and as part of these deliberations, we will of course examine the case for introducing a new public holiday.

    There is considerable debate amongst supporters of a new special public holiday to remember our Armed Forces and Veterans or our fallen servicemen about when in the year such a day should take place.

    While there are a very large number of people - including signatories to this petition - who believe the Monday after Remembrance Sunday is the best option, there are others - including the Royal British Legion (new window) - who do not support that proposal, because they are concerned that a public holiday then would not be in keeping with the solemnity and special status of the Remembrance Sunday commemorations.

    Quentin Davies MP has suggested holding the new day close to the current Veterans' Day at the end of June, while others have suggested holding the day to coincide with the anniversaries of the D-Day Landings in early June or of V.E. Day in early May.

    We greatly appreciate your contribution to this ongoing debate, and whatever the final outcome, we hope that all signatories to this petition will see that we have very much taken on board their desire to see much greater national recognition for our Armed Forces.
  2. 11th November should be a public holiday, whatever day it falls on. And with no shops etc being allowed to open so that proper respect and reflection can take place.
  3. Personally two points. Remembrance Sunday is a special day has been for a number of decades, and doesnt need, and shouldnt have a bank holiday monday added, lets face it would people say oh look its a long weekend, so i agree with the RBLs stand on this.

    Secondly, D-Day is a good day to remember but hardly does justice to say those in Burma or a POW camp, so maybe it should be around VJ day rather than VE day.
  4. Start it again and this time get more people... sooner or later they have to do it
  5. It would be nice to think so but given their previous track record I wouldn't hold my breath.
  6. Right decision, nothing would be worse than the remembrance bank holiday sporting fixtures, all day pissups in the pub etc. Sometime around October 21 would be best for a late autumn holiday.

    Like it or not you can't ram Nov 11 down the publics throat.
  7. (...moved...)
    On Petitions, I received the email (which I assume everyone who signed the thing has) in reply from the clowns who administer this facility. Full text:

    The commingling of the purpose of the Petition with the Government's politically-motivated 'British Day' is indicative of the likely final outcome. I have no doubt whatsoever that the views of all those who signed, together with those of the organisations with an interest in a National Remembrance Holiday will be subverted or ignored, and a New Labour festival of Diversity substituted. They will claim that this is not politically-inspired in the slightest, but conforms to the wishes of the greater portion of the People, by order of the Dear Leader.
  8. I disagree! How will the fact that it's a long weekend detract from the 'special status' of Remembrance Sunday? Maybe, just the opposite. Because they don't have to get up for work next morning, more of the younger veterans - who still work - will be more inclined to join in a parade?

    The petition specifically called for the bank holiday to be in that time frame to break up the long, barren stretch between the August and Christmas bank holidays. Easter to August we have bank holidays galore. We need a break in the Autumn/Winter months and 'The National Remembrance Bank Holiday' would fit the bill admirably!
  9. I was not the petition founder, just another hopeful deluded signatory.
  10. I disagree! How will the fact that it's a long weekend detract from the 'special status' of Remembrance Sunday? Maybe, just the opposite. Because they don't have to get up for work next morning, more of the younger veterans - who still work - will be more inclined to join in a parade?[/quote]

    Let's get real for a change eh? What ever day is chosen it will mean just one thing to the majority, an oportunity for a pi55 up and a lie in the following morning. The media can dress it up to appear how the Govt. needs it to appear but in real life most will just bum around one extra day than usual per year.

    And what's with the British Day? Who's fcukwit idea was that?
  11. Oh, come on, who do you think?

    BBC 14 Jan 2006.

    Roll on the Festival of Diversity and Equality.
  12. Seconded.
  14. Let me get this right..... hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition and the government completely ignored considering their concerns? What on earth do you expect from this government?

    Doesn't come as a shock to me :(
  15. I think the government did the right thing. Most people would treat it as another holiday and ignore the remembrance part of it and businesses would have to pay all their employees for another day off, just what they need with the economy collapsing.

    What the government should do is make the 2 minutes silence compulsory. When I was a kid everything stopped for 2 minutes, now most people ignore it.