Another Perspective on the UK Election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, May 7, 2010.

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  1. This from the Globalist on the election:

  2. Loads and loads of deals being made behind closed doors! ....... Meanwhile, Our country is divided and the people are left unguided. (Crises? What crises)
  3. Oh it's certainly one hell of a mess this side of the pond JJH. It seems that most of the population are too thick to understand the consequences of a thirteen year spending spree......
  4. Like the obesity I saw in the UK last week, I think we are also sending you our way of politics, at least with the current masters.
  5. Sixty

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    Yep, I could hardly move today for zombie-like voters milling about like sheep, unguided by our leaders and moral pathfinders.

    Get a grip. Have you ever looked at a career politician for guidance in your day to day life?
  6. To do so is the ultimate exercise in folly and futility!
  7. You are not alone in that my friend except here were are spending at about 10X your rate!
  8. OK, I have to admit that I have never understood by what logic the financial markets function, if any. So I am going to ask for a little help in understanding things here. A hung parliament, as far as I can see, means that government will be restricted in its freedom of action to pass fresh legislation regulating the money markets. If the money marketroid "Masters of the Universe" are really the swashbuckling free-spirited entrepreneurs they portray themselves as, what can they possibly object to in having central government's ability to interfere with them weakened?

    It's all very strange.

    All the best,

  9. I tried to vote for Obama, if he's the USA's saviour then he should be ours as well

    I kicked up a hell of a stink, you should've seen the queue by the time they got me out of there
  10. Hope you like rice and noodles..... :x
  11. Can we send Him over now?
  12. If you take Blair and promise Madonna never comes back then we can open tentative discussions
  13. You drive a hard bargain--will you keep Elton John over there?
  14. So apparently we should fear upsetting the financial institutions that dropped us in the mess in the first place, or they might not lend us our own money that we bailed them out with?

    I can see strong arguments for a permanently hung parliament:

    If politicians make incompetent decisions then crippling their ability to make more seems sensible.

    If the ability to follow clear strategic course leads to stability, for the markets, then we'd be better off without the prospect of a complete change of tack from left to right every 5 years, or less.

    It's not even the banks to blame really. They couldn't have saddled us with billions in bad debt if we hadn't been so stupid as to rack up trillions in personal debt in the delusion we were getting rich by overvaluing our homes.
  15. I am glad to see you end with this observation rather than fall for the red herring our politicos on both sides of the pond are dragging across their own trail of incompetence, cronyism, greed and selfishness. They are more concerned with retaining party power and individual perks than they are with the good of the nation and its people.

    While I agree that some in the private sector have the same issues, I still feel more comfortable where companies and individuals have the opportunity to make money through their own ideas, efforts and sweat than to rely on a bloated cancerous government to provide for us in a sort of lowest common denominator fashion that is destructive of self esteem, confidence and all the other qualities that made our countries great in the first place.

    OUr politicians want us to savage the corporate world in a virtual class warfare sense so they can remain comfortably on the sidelines and await thew fallout where they will pitch themselves as our savior. This is the stuff that totalitarian societies are made of and I hope our respective common peoples will soon wake up and realize what is happening. These so-called "emergencies" are created by our politicians either directly or indirectly (such as the federal govt interference in the housing lending markets that required in the name of "social justice" that banks to lend money to those who could not ever repay it) as a means to do things they would not otherwise be able to do in terms of increasing control over us.