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Ministry of Defense Releases Top Secret Submarine Data

A comment by a pal of mine
Interesting from a technical point of view, and underscores my belief that submariners are slightly "special".

Although the following (never-redacted) statement is slightly bothersome:
All pressurised water reactors are potentially vulnerable to a structural failure in the primary circuit, causing a rapid depressurisation and boiling off of most of the cooling water. This results in failure of the fuel cladding, and a release of highly radioactive fission products outside the reactor core. While the further containment provided by the submarine’s pressure hull may contain the majority of this material inside the submarine, some leakage is likely to occur and in any event the radioactive “shine” from the submarine poses a significant risk to life to those in close proximity, and a public safety hazard out to 1.5km from the submarine.

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