Another Pay thread - bear with it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DodgerDog, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. FT view on Military Pay

    This bit of analysis crept out the other day with little coverage here or elsewhere. When you consider that it is the FT questioning the MoD logic and argument about our pay status and the multinational comparator it makes for interesting reading. Pity it didn't come out until after the AFPRB did their round of visits for this year!

    Also, you all may be interested to look at the attached which I researched in a couple of idle moments. Sources are the House of Commons Information Office Factsheets M5 & M6 and a parliametary study conducted in 99 looking at the historical trend in Military pay since 1980.

    Years % Gain Scaled Salaries
    Position 80/81 97/98 2005/6 81/98 81/06 vs MP vs Minister

    Major +4 £11,001.00 £34,138.00 £46,771.00 310.32% 425.15% £55,328.01 £78,913.33
    Cpl (High Band 5) £6,482.00 £18,296.00 £28,357.00 282.26% 437.47% £32,600.32 £46,497.25
    Pte (High Band 4) £4,453.00 £11,685.00 £16,626.00 262.41% 373.37% £22,395.75 £31,942.65
    MP £11,750.00 £43,860.00 £59,095.00 373.28% 502.94%
    Cabinet Minister £18,680.00 £103,860.00 £133,997.00 556.00% 717.33%
  2. Well spotted, Dodger! I had seen neither. The FT report is interesting because it makes the point that comparisons are very difficult. The £2000+ bonus is very welcome but I have yet to see the small print - and I am very cynical!

    The comparison between the increases in salaries over a 25 year period for soldiers and MPs highlights an appalling state of affairs. Why should MPs' salaries have increased at almost twice the rate of a private soldier? And that is before we consider the pensions for MPs which have also increased at a much faster rate!

    I still have all my pay slips somewhere. I might try and do a comparative exercise!

  3. Litotes,

    the telling figures are masked by the formatting (or lack of it :$)

    The military salaries scaled the same as MPs would read

    Maj 55328.01
    Cpl 32600.32
    Pte 22395.75

    Scaled against the Cabinet Ministers they would be:

    Maj 78913.33
    Cpl 46497.25
    Pte 31942.65

    It would stop a few arguments and questions about liter enforcement officers and other nonie jobs as well as undermining any arguments about deployment allowances had we kept pace. Maybe there is a case of one public sector pay review body.

    I deliberately stayed away from allowances as I was keen to avoid getting too wound up about the disparities that exist between 'them' and 'us'.