Another Pay Screw Up

Any advice on how to take this further?

I've attended a number of TA courses and exercises this past year, and every time, while I've been away my TA pay has been late, or just not paid. As I have to take unpaid time off work to do these courses, it naturally means that I rely on the TA pay to get my family through - paying for kids school meals, buying food, paying bills etc. - while I'm away sunning myself, and being fed in cookhouses.

This month, I went down to Wales for 2 weeks, and lo and behold, everyone else in the unit was paid, on time, and mine was nowhere to be seen (due about 8 days pay). I rang my unit, who got in touch with Glasgow, but so far nothing appears to have been done. I get the usual excuses of it'll be there shortly, or the chestnut - 'You're a casual worker, and shouldnt rely on the pay coming in on a certain date!" When I respond to this with "ok-dont rely on me to be in on any given weekend.", I get stunned looks from higher ranks, who all mutter about thats the way it is, and get on with it....

I've had a number of bank charges over the past year, because of taking unpaid time, and TA pay not being paid. In a couple of cases it was the next month before I received it.

I'm now at the stage where its either sorted once and for all, or I'm leaving. Trying to go through my unit chain of command is getting me nowhere, so any advice on where to go or who to complain to would be appreciated.....
Chances are they're using a seperate pay form to pay you with. This gets posted to Glasgow seperately by your Unit admin, and generally after you get back from the course, (to ensure you actually attended, which is not an unreasonable thing to do after all) if the place you're training at doesn't process TA pay forms, which is quite likely, as it's something the Admin Staff in quite a few Regular Army establishments aren't geared up to do.

If it's causing you hardship, I'd recommend speaking with your PSAO befoe you go on a course. Explain the problems it's causing you, and ask if you can have an advance of pay before you attend the course.

Work out the minimum you need to ensure you and your family aren't going to be left in financial distress, and ask for that amount.
The pay for the course isnt the issue, its the previous months pay, from weekends/drill nights.

I did approach the chain of command about a payment the last time this happened, but was told it wasnt possible...
If you're missing pay for Weekends and Drill nights, but the rest of the guys are getting paid, then you have a bigger issue to be concerned with, and you need to take that up with your Chain of Command.

That would imply that on a Group Attendance Register, either your name isn't there, or someone has striked it through.

Or do you submit your Attendance on an individual sheet? In which case, you need to enquire when is the latest it has to be received in order to be processed the following month.

Most units get their pay sorted out in the first week of the month following training. Miss the cut off, and your Attendance Registers will potentially sit in the Pay Clerks folder until the following month.

Advance of Pay is possible, it's a paper exercise, but can be disliked if they think an individual is going to get the cash and then not show up on a course, which would leave the unit with a payment and no training to show for it.

I would suggest you need to have your Chain of Command speak directly to the Admin Staff to ask why it's not happening for you.

I'll ring the unit first thing monday morning, and also write a letter, to make sure they get the message....

Much appreciated

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