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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DisorderlyChimp, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. As stated in a previous post, my aim is/was to sign up to the regs (am a TA recruit at present) in around 18months when I've paid off some civvy loans, ect.

    However, since being hit by redundancy a couple of months ago, I'm honestly finding it difficult to get a similar civvy job for now, as the IT industry seems to be massively tightening it's belt with the "credit-crunch" and a possible recession looming.

    This has of course got me thinking about bringing my plans forward, and joining now.

    What I need to clarify first though, is whether I can afford to do so (and still support my family) right now.

    So - can anyone give me a REAL indication of what money you actually see in your bank, both during, and after training?

    I know about the pay scales and where to find them - but what I'm after is a more realistic figure, taking into account any other army-expenses that I may have to shell out, like regimental tracksuits, or trips during basic (am already aware that it's cash pay parade's 'til week 6/7).
    Also, once in batalion, what's a realistic figure for a fresh Tom, after paying any accomodation fee's, PAYD, ect....

    Have tried the online recruiting cell who just quote the sandard/generic figures, but they don't seem to be able to answer my question - and have tried to search the site but there's no previous posts giving quite the detail I'm after.
    Just want to get it clear in my head that it's managable before I make the decission and start hassling the AFCO.

  2. i got about 700 quid during training
  3. It's about £700-800 per month. Deductions for "tracksuits" will probably happen when cash paid, otherwise you 1) wont get it for ages after you start training and 2) the staff would chase everyone for months about going to a cash point.

    It sounds like you wont fall into the trap of most soldiers though - expect your £7-800 will last all of 2 days, you will then attempt to take all of your worldly belongings to cash converters to get beer money for the other 29 days in the month...or buy the fastest, blingest, loudest car you can on credit, then not be able to insure it, run it or drive it...
  4. Thanks Django.

    So how does it work once you're in battalion?
    I understand the pay scales, but what sort or deductions are made for accomodation fee's, PayAsYouDine, ect...?
  5. OR the army can turn your son into a mature(ish)18 year old,who yes wants the car but is checking insurance 1st! 8O

    Is being really good with his money,even more shocking that one.

    Although he did have a fair bit off me because wages were cocked up.It happens,but he did get it back dated next pay day.

    We will see what happens this pay day because deepcut is now pay as you dine.
    He was getting £800 so should be around £920 if the food is £120.
  6. Sixty

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    If you only eat the core meals then it would cost you £3.76 per day under PAYD. More realistically though you might want to budget for around £5.00 per day but you don't have to eat in the cookhouse, sorry 'Regimental Restaurant' if you don't want to.
  7. Pay rises after Ph1 - but as pointed out, accommodation and PAYD are deducted, as well as (I would advise) Personal Accident Insurance etc.

    But they keep you busy...in your case, having existing financial commitments will be your main effort. Speak to your Troop commander (either at Ph1 or Ph2) to potentially talk to lenders on your behalf about a temporary drop in earnings, but a guaranteed 4 years of income.