Another Passed Selection.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sim20, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Got back from Glencourse last night. Had a great two days. passed selection now. Looking forward to starting basic. I got really bad cramp in my leg during the 1.5mile and the PTI was telling me i had to stop but i carried on did it in 11mins. Thought that was it and i'd be defered for 3 months but they seemed to like the fact i put 110% effort and caried on running in agony. All that hard work has paid off now and i'm really happy :D
  2. What were you applying for? Infantry? Congrats mate.
  3. well done bud welcome to the club cause having the balls to keep going is what we like
  4. Yea infantary. cheers.
  5. Nice one pal, good work, im off for infantry aswell, what intake date you going for??

    I'm off to selection in two weeks so hopefully i pass aswell :D
  6. griffo what selection centre you off to?
  7. Well done, good luck towards your army career
  8. Off up to lichfield on thr 29th, yourself?
  9. congratulations but dont rest on your laurels - loads more fizz needed but you will be ok if you knuckle down and go for it

    Good luck mate
  10. Up to ATR Lichfield on 26th =]
  11. Arh cool, Good luck anyways mate, what job choice you going for?
  12. Just got word that I will be going to ADSC within the next week or two, so would anyone have any dates for the Phase 1 starting at ATR Lichfield/Pirbright?
  13. You cana sk your recruiter he might be able give you a rought idea. Alot is to do with the trade you want since for alot of trades its about getting the phase 1 end just as the phase 2 course starts.

    I got Jan 21st
  14. Theres an intake on the 6th December. Hopefully my recruiter can get me in for that.
  15. Im off to lichfield on the 3rd (dec) would't suprise me if the army intakes every monday :p