Another PaP 10 Question Sorry

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sc-fox, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. my story so far, 2 years ago i injured the muscle in back on an excercise,and have been having physio ever since,graded P3LD, 10 weeks ago the disk where my injury is prolapsed,and ive been stuck at home ever since,apart from weekly vist to the MO for meds,on my last vist i was made NMDT(P7t) i was also informed that i was being PAP 10,the week after that i had to sign the paper work from my boss,to be sent on to the OC,at the moment im awaiting an MRI at Frimley for them to confirm the prolapse, which 3 Physios say i have, ive been in 16 years and this injury (2 years ago) is the first ive ever had lucky me my questions are, how long can i expect to wait till im shown the door,will i get any sort of pension, and will i be fixed before that happens,and if i am fixed does that negate the PaP 10 procedure.
    sorry for the long windedness of this thread
    thanks in advance
  2. Fox,

    Whilst you are graded P7 MND Temp, the Unit cannot complete a RECU App 22 application for you. It only applies to soldiers who are permanently downgraded. So until that happens, you are safe. Any application received in APC OH will be rejected if there are any discrepancies. Once your grade is made permanent however, the whole process should take about 6 months currently including resettlement and terminal leave etc. If you are asked whether you volunteer to transfer by your RCMO, then I would strongly recommend you say yes. Otherwise, it affects the QRs para that you are discharged under. If you volunteer - you leave under 9.385 which attracts all the benefits of a normal MD. If not, then you would leave under 9.414 SNLR.
  3. Thank you for your reply, they started the PAP 10 procedure whilst i was P3LD and a week later the MO made me P7 temp for 3 months whilst im waiting for an MRI
    Thanks again though, ill see what happens next
  4. Ok ive now been for various work on my back, inc 7 Facet joint injections they worked for first 2 days then pain returned,ive also had an MRI which shows a bulging disk pressing on a nerve,on top of all this i was made NMD Perm last week,my PaP 10 paperwork was being held by the RCMO while i was on a temp grading, not the case now,
    my only worry is this will i be med discharged or admin discharged on med grounds, if either what will i be entitled to if anything ? my injury is attributed to service i fell on an excercise in 2008, my first injury in 16 years any information would help,ive been home on sick leave since feb and pulling my hair out with bordom,
    thanks in advance
  5. I had a degenerative disc protrusion (slipped disc) L4/5 in 2003, done during my YOs course. Lucky I had BUPA and it was diagnosed in 2 ds. No special treatment, lots of core stability work and physio. I went back to playing ARU as a prop and have played civvy rugby too. Slipped discs don't recover straight away but they do recover if you are prepared to put in the effort to help your recovery. My disc comes out every now and again but I have exercises to help ease it back.

    I am serving.

    If you do however think you'll get discharged then you'll have to claim under the AFCS - war pension is only for injuries incurred before Apr 05.
  6. Thanks Kim they have started the Pap 10 work already our unit wants all perm mnd out i dont blame them to be honest if your not fit for service all your doing is holding back the promotion process, however back to it im doing my core work and physio excercises,what i realy wanted to find out was if i would recieve a lump sum and pension and if so how much would i be looking at approx ive been in 16 years and im a Cpl, i cant seem to get any advice anywhere on the subject so thought someone on here may have an idea
  7. Look at the AFCS JSP - there are different levels of award. Only if it can be proven that it will be invalidating for a period will you get GIP payments - extra payments to compensate for your injury in relation to how it will go on to effect your life. Only the docs etc can give the Veterans Agency that info.

    You have 7 yrs from date of injury to claim but best that you wait until all treatment over until you do as it may help your claim. Esp if there are ongoign issues.
  8. They will regardless give you a lump sum though, for example one of my NCOs broke her arm playing rugby and she got just over 5k as full and final payment.
  9. Fox,

    Ring SPVA. They are the only authority in this area.
  10. thank you both for this advice
  11. If you are a member of either tha Forces Pension Society or the RBL you might find them helpful.