Another outing for the Outrage bus?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Uncivil_Servant, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. '.............Mr Crompton, 50, says he is unable to work due to angina and irritable bowel syndrome..........'

    IBS? That'll be because of this '.........a £250 weekly shop which usually includes 50 packs of crisps and ten litres of fizzy drinks..............'

    Outrage Bus? Who's got the keys and paperwork? I'll drive.
  2. Sorry, but I think that the Outrage Bus has already been booked to transport the CGS to and from the Diversity conference. I can give you the number for the Furious Minicab if you want.
  3. I don't know if its my age, but it seems that every day I see, hear or read something that makes me want to reach for a GPMG. I like to call it my jimpy moment.

    Cheap day return please, can I sit by the window.
  4. The creature immediately to the left (as you look at the photo) of the mother: does he resemble the Incredible Hulk?
  5. :lol:

  6. Have 500 rnds and a return ticket to Hull on me fella..................
  7. This is a perfect case for my "Neutering chavs" program, either done by injection, or my prefered method, 2 house bricks.

    They should be stopped from breeding unless they can work to support what they bring into this already overcrowded world.
  8. Jimpy? I've just had an MLRS moment! Although then I guess there wouldnt be much left to bayonet. :x :x :x
  9. Am going over to Hell Weds afternoon. I have room for 5 in my van and about 12 on the trailer. Gimpy will have to mounted on the roof bars tho'. Humber Bridge toll to be split between all of those aboard the surrogate outrage bus (£5.80ish).

  10. Can we claim it back?
  11. He looks more like an enormous mong to me. If there was a trolley-pushing event in the Olympics he'd be a shoo-in for the gold.
  12. I will drive past the local TAC just so you don't feel guilty when you do!

  13. Life's got it's priorities all wrong. You never see talentless, waster chavemong scrounger scum like this getting burgled, tortured, stabbed or set on fire.......................shame.
  14. Surely it is the system which allows this sort of abuse which is at fault. The chavs clearly do not have any pride, like the family in Acton, but they operate within the Law. All UK governments talk of 'cracking down on benefit scroungers' but they only talk. Neither of the main political parties has done anything. The current anti-benefit fraud advert reminds us that there are 3000 fraud investigators out there. Well that should worry the fraudsters in a country of over 50 million. Probably nearly as many investigators as climate change officers.