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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thewiggster, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. yes by stoning

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  2. No he is right

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  3. a groveling apology will be enough

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  4. Blackburn should become an Islamic state

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  1. how long until PTP quarantines this one?

    edited to eat my words :oops:
  2. He has a point but feck me he is going to regret saying that!!!
  3. how do you mean?
    If its the race war thing I mean it seems as though they are trying to make one as it seems they keep telling people what they can and cant say.
    Sorry if my I didnt get my point acrooss the way it was intended.
  4. I applaud him for having the cojones to say this, he knew what he was doing.

    If the veil is causing problems or not is not really the issue, the fact that he is able to question muslim religious dress and practises is.

    This will be another test of free speech in the west, so far all have backed down in the face of muslim anger, i do hope jack straw doesn't offer a sniveling apology to muslim lobby groups.
  5. Dont see how he could really, It's the no.1 headline on all national news channels at the moment
  6. Setting aside personal feelings, it's a very odd comment - what's the point? It was obviously not going to create a wave of Muslim female 'bra-burning', and was predictably going to generate the normal response from Muslim extremists...

    I think the article itself points out that his constituency is 25% Muslim, so it's not even a vote winner - it just seems a wee bit stupid. Anyone see the cunning master plan I'm missing?
  7. Why should I quarantine this? Jack o' Straw makes a very good point I raised myself not a fortnight ago in another thread. It is also seriously gripping British born Muslims hereabouts.

    When my Muslim barber and his co-workers look out the window "counting Ninjas" , when the Syrian Muslim mate says she's seen more full veils here than in Damascus, when I see a Somali muslim female cussing a full burka wearer up and down in the car park of Lidl , absolutely shouting at her that "she is one of the stupid people bringing unwelcome attention down on the community.

    When the Muslim wife of one of my friends remarks on "Stupid little drones straight from a village in Pesawar married to a man 3 times their age" and when I know it's being done, not as a confirmation of religous belief, but as a protest , and when I know it's being done to a large extent, because hardline Muslim men are telling the missus to get into full regalia to make a bloody point , then I know it is a problem.

    So do many British Muslims. These are British Muslims telling me it is causing a rift and problems, not just between "Christians and Muslims" but between Muslims.

    Jack will probably get a bloody kicking over this, as he did when he pointed out Israel were bang out of order in Syria. He makes his point, and he is outspoken on issues. I know a lot of people have no time for him, but having studied Jack's speeches etc , I'd like him to run for PM. At least he's not a bloody lap dog.

    If anyone has a problem with any of the above , go and talk to British Muslims and Sparkhill and Sparkbrook , and ask them what they think is going on. Or would you all just rather recycle the same tired old rants?

    Didn't France have something to say about this?
  8. I just think it's a man whos political career in tatters (coming to an end of front bench politics) not giving a flying f**k anymore and saying what he wants and testing the waters of free speach.

    It's not a vote winner, but in a bizzare way could end up reviving his political career as the first mainstream politition to stand up to muslim extremists and show some bottle.

    I thought it was quite clear today, seeing news 24, that a bit of a backlash is beggining to happen against multiculterism and pandering to muslims.

    We have the anger at the muslim copper asking to be moved from his duties, we have the attack(small riot) on the dairy farm of a man trying to start up a muslim school, and now this.

    Maybe rather than letting a full on backlash take place jack straw is trying to open an honest debate now before it gets too bad and we do have a race war.
  9. No it's not Mark. Go back and read some of Jack's opinions on things. Then see how many times he's taken a slap for them.

    He's highlighted a problem, but he's not looked deep enough.
  10. I think Jacko makes a very good point, despite what C4 news team were slanting towards (i think they were suggesting that Jacko had made a massive error in saying what he said). I think he said what many may well feel, i know i do. Peoplem not just muslims, who set themselves aside from society through what they wear are obviously going to be sidelined. Emo, Goths, etc. have all been grouped together by what they wear, and each group will obviously be labelled for specific attitudes, or beliefs.

    As much as many people may be upset by what was said, i think he makes a good point.

    /rant. :)
  11. Maybe, but why shouldn't we have a debate on this issue without fear?

    to me thats what jack straw has done, he knows he will get hounded untill he apologises. and could have very well have commited political suicide.

    So i believe it's a genuine concern of his, and hes going to see if he can get away with saying it.
  12. Got to agree with Mark1234 here. He's on the slippery slope after being booted from the FCO, and is simply expressing a personal, albeit widely held feeling.

    Though I do agree with PTP that he man's speeches are not bad

    Err, where does that leave me !!!??? :?

    Frankly, I don't care for women in the full rig, this isn't Whahabi Arabia, and from a religious point of view, there is nothing written about a women's face needing to be covered.
  14. His interview on Radio 4 seemed to suggest that he merely asked them to remove it because he finds it difficult to talk to someone whose face he can't see. They don't have to he is merely requesting. To him it seemed similar to asking someone to take their sunglasses off.

    The press have got their knives out for this government, their time is up.