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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Lordyosch, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I spent last week on an army insight course with some students from the school where I teach. By the end of the week I was thinking I really fancy joining up. I know the point is for the kids to think this, not their chaperones but hey...

    I've read a lot of the threads and have found answers to some questions but many more remain...

    Firstly, my reasons for wanting to join are...
    A love of outdoors things -being in the TA would give me the push/chance to get out more
    A desire to get myself in much better shape physically (I'm not a wreck but there is always room to improve) the TA should certainly do that.
    Fancy a crack at something different, but without throwing away all I've worked for in Civvy street.
    I want to do something useful for society (in addition to babysitting naughty teenagers for 50 minutes a time.. ;)

    I'm not all testosterone pumped up and raring to rush into combat, Given a choice I'd rather not spend months at a time away from home -a couple of weeks here and there would be good though.

    I've searched through armyjobs -which seems to have some information which is contradicted elsewhere...

    Anyhoo some questions if I may...

    1) Do I need to seek approval of my main employer (head teacher) or is it just courtesy?
    2) How frequently are the compulsory training weeks held? or is that a unit thing?
    3) Is it likely that I'd need to take much time off work for training or would it fit into school holidays?
    4) Is it acceptable to just 'pop into' a TA office on a training night? Are they on certain nights?

    I spoke briefly to the local army recruitment office this morning but I hope to go in and see them on the weekend.

    Ideally I'd like to learn vehicle mechanic-ing but if that isn't an option for me then something to do with comms I think.

    Thanks for any responses

  2. 1. Check out the SaBRE website Gives you loads of employer/employee info

    2. The minimum yearly attendance requirement is 27 days, 15 of which should be at Annual Camp or on a career course. This entitles you to get the tax free bounty (i think this is right) its different for national TA units.

    3. If you go non infantry ie Royal signals, RLC etc then you initially attend a Recruit Training Center for 7 weekends followed by a 2 week CMSR course which gets you up to "trained soldier" You then start your trade training. The 7 weekends are "one on one off" So its infact over 14 weekends giving you some flexibility. Once your fully trained/traded you attend a 15 day camp every year as above, and weekends that your offered by your unit and normally a parade night once a week (you dont have to attend all the time). When you visit your chosen unit they can give you an idea on how flexible you can be!

    4. I rang my local TA unit before i showed up but you can just show up and ask to speak to someone in recruiting, they will be really helpful and go into far more detail when you go to visit then i can offer in my limited knowledge :)

    Im currently doing my phase 1 recruit training and im loving it, i hope you find a unit that suits your needs!
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Based on the above paragraph, you might need to give this some more thought.

    Despite what some on here would have you believe, the TA is all about operational capability now - which means its soldiers spending several (read 6 plus training time) months away at some stage. If, given the choice, you would rather not go on ops, there are many units that, given the choice, will not take you!

    If that is really not for you, perhaps the job of an ACF instructor might be better suited?

  4. Duke, i would hope his chosen unit would outline this when he goes for a chat, agreed though most units are hoping you can tour somewhere, at some point. Didn't think to mention that :)
  5. Don't leave the decision too late. If you do, you'll regret not doing it and you'll miss out on experiences and opportunities that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

    Was it Johnson said that "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea."?
  6. Where I said I wasn't keen on spending months away, I meant directly fighting. A long posting to somewhere with less risk of getting blown up is fine.

    Is it possible to serve our country in a less dangerous place than Afghanistan/Iraq?

    Are 'postings' to UK bases overseas or always to conflict?

  7. Theres opportunity to tour elsewhere, our units been told tonight there taking names now for a cyprus tour for example :)
  8. Another question... (they're thick and fast aren't they. More thick than fast though...)

    Does 'Adventure training' count within your commitment or is it an extra?

    DO different job roles have access to different things, eg do only infantry do Adventure training?

    A sister of a friend of mine is TA so I'm also going to pick her brains when she's back from overseas...

  9. msr

    msr LE

    AT does count to your commitment.

    AT is the responsibility of your unit, so all units can go adventure training.

  10. Its the Army risk is everywhere.
  11. I've just spoken to an officer at my local office and asked him some of my questions. It all sounds very positive. I'm going to pop along on next week's drill night to continue my inquiries.

    Thanks for the feedback on here.
  12. What unit you going for, if you dont mind me asking!
  13. I went along to the unit I've been thinking about this week. I had a good chat with an NCO and filled in the initial form. I'm going back in 2 weeks to have a chat with some of the specialists.

    My Wife's opinion of me possibly signing up has gone from 'NO!' to 'It just sounds too good to be true...'

    I'm still positive about things, I'll make my decision on the basis of the next visit.