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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Tulip560, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Dear Forum,

    Please could anyone tell me how to establish which company made my sword. I bought it recently at an auction but there are no distinguishing features that I can see, other than the serial number, a Star of David at the base of the blade and a George VI cipher on the blade. Some people have told me that the star confirms it was made by Wilkinson, but I am not so sure about this. I would appreciate any opinions on this.

    Also, I was once told that a decent quality sword could be bent so much that the tip of the blade could touch the basket and return to its original shape without any loss of shape or snapping. Had the guy who told me this spent too much time sniffing the COSHH locker or is he correct?

    Thank you very much

  2. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Too much sniffing by about 170 degrees I would say. Mine has a Star of David surrounding the stamped brass Proof mark within and was made by Robt Mole of Birmingham. Long gone and, I think, taken over by Wilkinson's many decades ago. The place where the proof mark is on mine is on the other side from the maker's acid etched details. What is on your sword on that side?

  3. PF,

    I will have to get back to you about what is on the reverse side of the blade. I am currently on leave - will let you know when I return. The stamped brass Proof mark you speak of sounds like what is on mine, but will have to double check next week.

    Thanks for your help though.

  4. All the Wilkinson swords I have had in my collection have had a number stamped on the back, Wilkinson were always able to tell me details if given number.
  5. Ask your friend to prove it with his own sword and a pair of goggles for protection from shrapnel...
  6. Depends entirely on the blade. Some foil blades will bend that far, and I seem to remember that Leon Paul used to have an advertising poster featuring a well proportioned young lady, saucily bending her foil in just such a manner. However, I wouldn't fancy trying it with your new purchase.
  7. Ah, but who uses foils as service swords?
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Anyone from the RRW (as was) should be able to tell the story of Coghill's sword, where a zealous young subby attempted to demonstrate sword-bendiness to a group of POs with a priceless mess artifact....

    ...cue 1 mortified subaltern with an enormous bill and an invitation to resign his commission.
  9. I wasn't implying that anyone did. However, don't say it too loud or someone will think it's a great cost-saving measure.
  10. On both my swords (don't ask its a long story) have Wilkinson mentioned either as By Appoinment (NCO's version as issued) or Made By (Officers version as purchased). Both have Royal Cypher and serial numbers which you can trace (unless its part of the mass batch of WWI when records are a bit shaky).

    Star of David (?) and a Gold Brass quality mark in the middle of it on the opposing side - which I was led to believe is proof of quality testing (bend test?). You could try asking the guys and Crisp and Sons most employees are ex Wilkinson chaps and very helpful.

    Hope this helps

  11. My sword was my fathers and was refurbished by Wilkinson many years ago when I joined. It is 2 inches shorter than it was made as my Father tried the bendy trick having first stuck it into the floor. The tip snapped off. My advice would be, that unless you have bucket loads of cash don't try it - if you do have bucket loads of cash please PM and you may borrow my sword for the correct remuneration. (LOTS!!)
  12. If you are really interested the people who inhabit the forums below (look for the military and antique swords section) will definately be able to help.

    They are a mine of information about makers, patterns etc