Another one of those joining up threads

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FoxtrotOff, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello All.

    Right as the title says this is another one of them joining up doodads.

    A while ago (when i was 18 - Currently 25) i joined the TA in wakefield (Minden Company) and was there for about a year and a half of so. In that time i met some people i would really like to know now as they were a superb bunch of lads and ladies.

    After i knackered my ankle on a CFT (only a ligament strain) being young and stupid, i decided to leave and give up, i don't know why cause its something i have regretted for quite a while.

    Anyway, after looking back on things i'm contemplating joining up again, i always said to myself that i would look at rejoining by 26 if i wasn't tied down with anything etc. I think i would do alright as back in the TA days i was selected as 2IC of a section and looked after them for a 2 week RRTT exercise up in barry budden and it makes me think i could pull off this army malarky.

    I obviously have a couple of questions:

    1. I have always been interested in the infy, the TA badge i joined was the LI. Now back then no one had an issue with my eye sight, but im a little worried it could stop me. I have to wear glasses all the time to see, if i take them off i can see shapes, allbeit blurred shapes etc but without them id be pretty f*cked. On my APWT we had to use the respirators and i didnt have the lenses made for it, obviously when it came to using it while shooting... it was 1) dangerouns and 2) i couldnt shoot shit =-) Could this be an issue?

    2. Going on my above comment of 2IC of a section on basic, i wanted to know if i could look at a career in the army regarding promotion etc? I think i would like to enter as a private soldier and move my way up to Senior NCo or something along those lines. Would my age be an issue with this? as ill be pushing 26 this november and obviously dont want booting out at 32.

    3. Have any of the fitness requirements changed? When i was in the TA we were looking at 1.5mile in 11 mins and i cant remember the situp and pressup numbers, but basically have they changed?

    4. I live with my other half and want to marry her at some point in the near future. How would me joining up affect her? Would she follow me about if i got posted somewhere etc or would we get a married quarters near our base in the UK and she'd live there?

    My apologies for the long questions and stuff but im a serious thinker (as you may have noticed! =-))

    THank you in advance for any and all answers.
  2. about your eyesight, they have specific requirements which can be found in the medical jsp thread i think - cant remeber them offhand.

    regarding fitness etc a lot of that is covered in the ADSC chat and queries and the 1.5 mile run time area.

    If you really want to do it mate id get yourself to an AFCO asap as there will be a long wait - also age as already covered shouldnt be a problem.

    this info is mainly off the forum and can be found using search function for future reference ;)
  3. 1. search function
    2. search function
    3. search function
    4. rear party
  4. Exactly what he said. :)

    If you go back to the front page of this forum, you will find the majority of your answers by reading through the 'stickys' at the top, as these are all common questions on here and have been covered in quite some depth before now.
  5. Thanks everyone.

    Spud, what exactly do you mean by a long wait?

    Got back to the gym last night and i plan on getting my fitness back ready for when i am going to sign back up if/when i decide to.
  6. if you look at people signatures, many have been waiting a long time indeed ( a year for some though it does vary). hence why you should probably start now as you will have to do med forms (normally takes 2-4 weeks took me 2 months,) + interviews, BARB etc could take you 3 months just to get to ADSC.
  7. Alrighty well i spoke with a WO2 on the online careers.

    He mentioned something along the lines of -7 meridian issues, if thats what i think it is, my eyes are -12 and -16...

    Does this mean im a no go with the inf?

    Tried to get the pdf's from media fire but cant download them for some reason, something about userver errors.
  8. have a look at this thread mate eyesight

    it mentions the +/- diopters in any meridian. may not be gospel as the min vision standards for entry as soldier (inf) are;

    less than 6/60 right eye unaided - 6/12 or better right eye aided

    less than 6/60 left eye unaided - 6/36 or better left eye aided
  9. Hi Again.

    I know my myopia level and my visual acuity however what if you cant meet one of the of the visual acuity?

    i have 6/6 vision with my glasses on however i cant see much apart from shapes and certainly not the sight test chart on the wall without my glasses.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Now that was hilarious
    Maybe he can join EOD, prod around for landmines :D
  12. I'm definitely no authority on the subject and I've just taken the info from the PULHEEMS doc, but if your visual acuity in either eye doesn't meet the requirements then your application may be on it's way down the Gary.

    Either way, instead of asking on here it's probably best to give your local careers office a ring, or better yet, pay them a visit and I'm sure they'll give you all the facts.

    Good luck.
  13. Thanks for that.

    Well its odd how i was accepted into the TA under a full army medical carried out by some major. And i actually took my glasses off and i can quote "I cant see a ******* thing sir"

    Sigh, amazing how i was accepted back then and wouldnt be now.

    Ok well ill take a trip down to a recruitment office and see what the dillio is.

    THanks everyone for the help
  14. Does the guide dog know the way?

    Seriously, good luck.
  15. Well as the visual standards say "less than 6/60 in either eye, unaided" that would imply that your unaided vision can be pretty piss poor and you'd still be ok. As long as your corrected vision meets the requirements.

    But, when not wearing glasses, you are as blind as a bat with no eyes and need to use the aforementioned stick kindly demonstrated above, I guess there may be an issue