Another one in the eye for "New" Labour

Tony Bliar and his crew aimed to crush the forces of conservatism (including the armed forces and the English in particular).  However, there seems to be a resurgence of national pride amongst the English, what with the Golden Jubilee, the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games.  I have not seen so many flags of St George in my life.

I bet Bliar is doubly p1ssed off.  The Commonwealth games have been a success as a result of various people and organisations working together with the notable exclusion of his government.  On past performance had there been a "Games Minister" appointed by Tony one wonders if things would have gone so smoothly?
......there seems to be a resurgence of national pride......

Sorry, but gotta disagree there.....Where is the National Pride now?  Where have all the flags gone?

Unfortunately, the show of 'national pride' we witnessed during the Golden Jubilee celebrations/World Cup etc all boils down to pack-mentality induced by media hype.

Real, overt patriotism has been made illegal in the UK - Blair and his politically-correct f@ggot henchmen have seen to that...... :mad: :mad: :mad:

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Eagle, stop spouting rhetoric that you picked up during our recent efp course current affairs discuusion old bean.  Was it me or did anyone else pick up on the fact that during the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games once President blairs name was mentioned he was booed by what in reality is a working class city?  Personally i feel that New labour and the Conservitives do not differ on any opinion too drastically.  Bring on the election.....
Not only was he booed, but did anyone see the look of grim death on Cherie's face in the Metro today?
Woopert - Saint Cheri's face is always a source of wonderment to me.  I can't seem to work out how it fits together.  Tony obviously finds it attractive.  Thereagain, he also likes Clinton, Mandleson and a whole raft of other odd types than most sane people would steer well clear off.
.....stop spouting rhetoric that you picked up during our recent efp course.....
;D Hehe, actually, I've been 'spouting that rhetoric' for quite some time! ;D

And unfortunately an election won't do the trick - the vast majority of the British public are apathetic fools whose only concern in life is the latest goings on in the Queen Vic.....  What this country needs is real change....

Bring on the election.  Let me collect the £2000 deposit and i will run for the ARRSE party.  I have to at least get 500,000 votes from the boys and girls.  Any suggestions on a manifesto??
Eagle - I assume that you have not got any kids.  Take away child benefit and it will have a major impact on many peoples finances, certainly those at the bottom of the Forces pay scale.  

Personally, if we lost the £140 per month for our three kids my wife would need at least a £3K gross payrise from the NHS to make up the difference  (Really likely?).  We do not lead a lavish lifestyle and its absence would make a hole in our finances but our gross income would probably be safely above any threshold for means tested benefits brought in to replace child allowance.  Screw the middle classes yet again?
Blimey Eagle....

I don't think the 3rd way has anything to do with making the trains run on time  :eek:

I like the sound of the Arrse party, it's only Manifesto, to improve the lot of service personnel, and the general well being of BritFor.

Yep, I like it a lot, in certain places, you will definitely carry the vote, it gets mine.

Hmmmmm but I think we'll need a name change, and doesn't the Army act say you can't be serving and a politico simultaneously?

Well, not regular serving anyway...


Coming back to the success of the Commonwealth Games-the Head of UK Olympic Committee wants to launch a bid for 2012 for.....London-after the f**Kups with Wembly and Pickets Lock they want to ignore Manchester-so much for the President's ideas to get some money to the regions...come the revolution..etc


GGG, open debate here, no malice intended but you chose to have your kids, why should I have to pay for them, also why do I have to pay for people who can't have kids to get IVF treatment so I can then pay to support those children for the next 18 years and it goes on and on and on! :mad: :mad: :mad:

I believe that child benefit should not be paid unless it is means tested and then in those needy cases the recipients should not get cash but subsidies or vouchers of some sort so that the money is actually spent on the child.

Should we start a new thread on this subject and other social issues??
Vermin - believe me, when those little feet make their impact on the bank balance you tend to rethink your previous "cast iron" views.  I know I did.
Eagle - I assume that you have not got any kids........  Take away child benefit and it will have a major impact on many peoples finances, certainly those at the bottom of the Forces pay scale.  
Easy solution to that one - carry on paying benefits to people already claiming.....but no new payments. :)  The money saved (£115 Billion in total on Social Security alone this year :eek: ) would be better spent on the Health Service (£65 Billion) or Education (£54 Billion).  

I just don't think the taxpayer should foot the bill - after all, having children is a choice and folks should be in a healthy financial position before having them.

Rant on:

As an aside, the state should also be strongly discouraging teenage pregnancies (wasn't me!) - not encouraging them with a windfall of financial benefits and housing.  WTF is wrong with this country? :mad:

Rant off!

Next!?  ;D

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