(Another) one for the peelers - but with a twist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dilfor, Oct 17, 2007.

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    For those coppers on here who valiantly try and defend some of the more absurd abuses of power committed in the name of maintaing the peace, and for those who assume that everyone arrested is a). a chav and b). guilty as sin; you may wish to tread more carefully as you go about your daily business.
  2. Another example of the Bliar attitude towards the human rights of the perpetrators of crime. Sorry that was his ugly wife's dept.
    8) 8) 8) 8)
  3. Pity he didn't bang the scrote's 'kin head on the road. :lol:
  4. £16,000 blown on that idiotic case. Money that in a sensible World could have gone towards medical treatment or social housing etc. What a waste.
    Then there is the mental anguish that must have been bothering a copper (and the sort of copper we need by the sound of it) for 2 years.

  5. .........well Nigel, that would be a first then!

    .........and Nigel, this is actually part of the problem.

    .........furthermore, Cowgill, in spite of this new information, and no realistic prospect of a conviction, the case still went to a hearing. Why was that - on the off-chance that the judge might support your previous erroneous position, or was it due to the well-documented CPS history of maladministration?

    Finally, the silence of the Chief Constable is deafening. Absolutely certain you would have had something to say if he had been convicted - something along the lines of "the Yorkshire Police value all, regardless of religious belief, sexual orientation and perversion, or inability to do the job, and this case demonstrates my ongoing purge of those who think it is their duty to enforce the law of the land"
  6. oldbaldy

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    I read this it the paper this morning & couldn't help thinking 'A good copper shafted'. I wonder if he will now be disciplined as they couldn't get him in the court.?
  7. He's damned whatever happens next. The Spin Bde will see any action/reaction and completely trash this bloke. I wonder if he is thinking; bore this for a load of apples and buggers off, only to then get splashed all over the papers 'shamed policeman quits job!'

    Where oh where is this going?

    P-A-W was right about the Chief Constable though - what quals do you need for the post?
  8. No, what will happen is that he will resign and be replaced by a Community Support Officer who wont be able to tell you the time when you ask as they "have'nt been trained"
  9. "Judge Durham Hall said Mr O'Shea had acted in the highest standards of the Bar."

    (O'Shea was the brief acting for the CPS.)

    The CPS have made a huge cods of this and deserve a good kicking.

    Only when all the Prosecution evidence was properly reviewed by you as an experienced Barrister (rather than some CPS fcukwit) was the glaringly obvious revealed: there was no case, never had been and the CPS were pushing it only because of the most cowardly and reprehensible of PC motives.

    They could never win and indeed should never even have tried. You advised your client accordingly and only at this point did basic common sense prevail.
  10. The CPS should re-present this case to be heard by a different judge. How dare a Policeman infringe the human rights of a knife weilding suspect. Normally the very prospect of having to deal with a violent situation is enough to send them scurrying back to their cosy "nick" and leave the job to Community Support Officers who in turn can put up the "I'm not trained umbrella".
    These armed thugs have a right to rule our inner cities plying their drugs trade as they go, why only last week I vetted a business plan for financial assistance to a narcotics sales executive, I have to say his plan for profit and loss was very sound. (Cannot divulge suppliers and so on due to the DPA).
    If the police are allowed to get away with vicious assaults like this they will do nothing other than force up the price of drugs thereby placing a huge strain on the benefits system and as for the chav birth control rate, well.
  11. Who is remotely surprised that the 'guardianista infested' CPS will go to any length to undermine our already struggling police forces? Most of the prats involved were unable to hold their own in private practice so became part of the EXTRA 680,000 state employees engaged since 1997.

    The disgusting Bliar and his equally appalling wife are responsible for so much that is wrong in this country with their half-baked ideas.

    I wish that the judge had ordered into court the person responsible for this proseqution and held him or her guilty of contempt of the court and for the wasting of Her Majesty's justice system's time!
  12. Nice to see the police in my birth town still know how to bounce scrote's heads though
  13. Scrote should have been done for damage to the bonnet. :D

    Who ever gave this the green light should be be dragged in and told that £16,000 (and the prosecutions costs) is being stopped out of their wages. As an individual or collectively.

    CPS what a bunch of wasters.

    Well done to the the Judge for stopping this daftness early on.