Another one for the Irish

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by |James|, May 20, 2007.

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  1. Having made the decision to join the army and filled out all the paperwork and decided ideally id like to be an infantry man.

    My question is concering the Royal irish regiment...having perused the webpage for the regiment and done a little research into irishmen serving in the british army i read that there are roughly 400 serving men (and women) from the republic right there a large number of them in the RIR or is the irish title simply ceremonial...or to do with postings.

    Cheers in advance
  2. You could read Tim Collins book, Rules of Engagement. Its about his time as CO of the Royal Irish, and a good read to boot.

    To answer your question I believe the majority are either Irish from both sides or second generation Irish from Liverpool and other places.
  3. Like most existing units within the British Army, there will be some soldiers who do not come within the traditional recruiting areas.

    Make no mistake however, the Royal Irish Regiment have the bulk of their soldiers from the island of Ireland and from whatever religion.

    They are currently posted at Inverness but their recent past has seen them deploy on operations to Iraq, NI and other parts of the world as required.

    Current Commanding Officer is a RC from North Belfast and there are plenty of southerners also serving, so if you're an Irishman go ahead and join them knowing you'll be accepted for who you are and no other reason.
  4. we have more than a few Irish in our regiment and we definately didn't recruit in that neck of the woods - or Liverpool. We also have a few Fijians, West Indians and Antipideans, so the mix is varied.
  5. Join them. Circa 320 years of history, the best head dress in the business, and when ou hear the pipes skirl over the brass band, your blood will flow truly....
  6. joing the RIR and the Irish Guards and the other Irish units in the British Army is an extremely honourable and traditional route

    have you considered the Irish Army

    we are begining to get an influx of British citizens enlisting

    some ex British Army as well
  7. Brits joining the Irish army? Well I never! I suppose because the pay is better, the tours are easier and you can wear your uniform to work is appealing.
  8. ANOTHER Irish infy thread?? Splendid.

    Read Timmy Collins' book - a good recent account of the RIR by the ex-CO of 1RIR. A brave if outspoken officer, IMHO.

    If you decide to carry a blackthorn and wear a caubeen - welcome aboard that man (and have some Bushmills)!!!

  9. Seriously are you on a fcuking commission from Bushmills for everytime you can mention there products?
  10. Thanks for all the replies most helful

    if asked what regiment id like ill most definitely put down the RIR

    ive not considered joining the irish army, as i live in the UK and prefer it to ireland (its nice for going back to see family every once in a hwile but **** living there)

    what are bushmills? :S
  11. ive not considered joining the irish army, as i live in the UK and prefer it to ireland (its nice for going back to see family every once in a hwile but * living there)

    well your welcome to come on over, we are always recruiting;

    What is Bushmills
    Its one o fthe many quality Irish Whiskey available

    its very hard to explain, the actual taste or the sensation, but its like pure velvet

    its one of the reasons we dont get stressed out over the small things in life- Green Grass you should try it

    the Irish words for whiskey is Uisce Bhatha- the water of life

    maybe that explains it a bit better
  12. Let me assure you all that Ireland is the place to live - once retired! Free peat and coal, free telephone and free TV - but then who would pay for Gay Byrne and Fair City anyway?? Another 18 years and I'm over the water with TFB!

  13. and free travel - both sides of the border

    by the time I get it- gaybo will be well and truly and retired in Glasnevin
  14. Gaybo from the grave still beats pat kenny any day of the week.

  15. I have always had a hankering to beat pat kenny