Another one for the bonfire

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Tricky1982, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. There appears to be a lot of outrage on the Daily Mail comments section.

    Good luck to the bloke. If some people are gullible enough to hand over their cash then more fool them. I might even give that scam a quick go myself, once I've gained enough weight and aged myself by 55 years I'll pretend to be a serving TA lance jack.
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  2. Borrow a relatives kid and shave its head, you'll be minted.
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  3. " He was my "oppo" in PARA 2 when we attacked Green Goose and I won the Medal of Honor (1st Class). We were both with Recon Troop then along with Ginge, Smudge, Scouse, Geordie, Taff, Lofty and Nobby. I'm still so traumatized by it all I can never remember my Army number when anyone asks me down the Dog & Duck after I show them my wedding picture of me in my kilt, bearskin, para smock, ammo boots, bugle and sword. Everyone comments upon my medals - especially my Boer War one and the Iron Cross I won in Vietnam.........- MFC81mm , Lancashire, United Kingdom, 01/3/2013 18:12

    An arrser? Dunno, but love it!
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  4. Then click on the green arrow to improve the rating of that comment.

  5. Jeez I'd pay good money to see those wedding photos :)
  6. Get the fuck off my bandwith now you never served civvy cunt! How exactly does this outrage you? Did you create posts on garage mechanics forums when Kevin Webster was accused? Do you trawl the internet for tragedy and outrage and join the relevent fora to express "condolences"? I bet you have been to Wooton Basset havn't you? - or at least told people you have.

    You fucking idiot.

    Caveat: I'm pissed.
  7. That kind of thing worked for a mate of mine years ago. He had Alopecia (loss of body hair), was as bald as coot with no eyebrows, anyway he used to work as a waiter and used to gather tips like Jimmy Savile gathered young girls by telling them he had cancer and was going through chemotherapy!
  8. It's a bloody good job you bracketed an explanation what Alopecia is - Jarrod would have been well confused, and the scratching his head in wonderment would have put him right off his aubergine!
  9. Apologies! I joined ARRSE for advice on recruitment (AFCO4/RG8 now pending), and I liked the banter here so stuck around. But as yet I'm still a never served civvy cunt, so off I fuck, the Stella mist is strong in this thread :eye:
  10. Ok...who the fuck hacked my account last night?
  11. Nope! Not only did some fucker log on here as me but the bastard conducted a lager immersion test on my mobile!
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  12. don't apologise mate, you have as much right to be here as anyone else. you forewarned us rough serving and ex-military types you were a non-serving civvy cunt, so we were pre-warned and in a position to take your outrage posting seriously. You can fuck off now. I've said my piece.
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