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Hi Guys,

I am currently 30 (31 in sept) years old and looking at joining up in some form of capacity (regular preferable, TA as second choice).

I was just wondering regarding how much would my age limit me in regards to job role and also how far along you can start the application process.

Just to get it out of the way I am unfit and overweight and I am working on sorting this out (dropped 2 stone in last 2 and half months - gym 3 days a week, jogging/HIIT in mornings on off days and strict diet - I'm a fat ****** (19 stone currently) who did eat all the pies in the past and have a fair way to go but I'm changing my life and its getting done and my main motivation is joining up - cliche but I am motivated like never before to get myself sorted out) and reckon 6 - 8 months of intensive training and I maybe in a state to look at applying so I would be about 31 coming up on 32 (maybe I'm delusional but I am working my ******* arse off big time !).

Ideally I would like to join the regulars and preferably the infantry (spent too many years behind a desk doing IT and can't stand it no more) and understand that the younger guys are the preferred candidates as they are easier to mould than the older guys but I can but hope.

Also I know from the army website it says you can be 32.11 to apply but is this realistic ?, as in do you need to be 'in' or just in the application process before this age as from reading other threads I can see it's not an overnight process and I am wondering if it's more a case of applying well before this time.

Ultimately if I can't join the regulars, I'd look at joining the TA but I am an all or nothing person so hardwork and fingers crossed.

Any advice would be appreciated and I'm prepared for the pies jokes :)


Just found answer to one of my questions in the AFCO Application notes..

Maximum age is on Enlistment but time also has to be allowed for processing to avoid exceeding the age limit e.g. Regular Soldier Max is 32 years, so could be 32 years 11 months and 30 days, but not 33 years, on enlistment

Any advice on other stuff would still be appreciated.
33:11 for most jobs at start date of ATR so you really need to start the application soonest as can take anywhere from 5 months -24 months to get in. Things to consider though before you start the application is your to be under 28, ask your ACIO for a fitness guide so you can shed a few pounds. Have a look at the stickies on here for some advice but mainly speak to your local Recruiter, TA would be an option if you dont make it in time. Ive seen applicants your age make it in time as obviously maturity shines through...regarding age and fitness...theres not many young guys who can outrun most Recruiters who are in their 40s so at a young 31 you should be in your prime.
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