Another Official language for the EU

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Jun 13, 2005.

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  2. It's all greek.
  3. pay for it yourselves, then see how popular it is
  4. "pay for it yourselves, then see how popular it is"
    YES, be dead ta marra.
  5. why not use English as the official language as it used and understood by many people in Europe where it is used as a 2nd langauge between different lingistic communities already.

    the French won't be too happy about tho but having said that , the French language is too restrictive and not as willing to accept foreign words as the English language is.
  6. Maltese people speak english as well as maltese.
  7. A load of b0ll1x NOBODY in Ireland speaks Gaelic except Sinn Fein scumbags. It is a dead language, useless in business, diplomacy etc, the population of Ireland is around 3.5 million and while 40% may claim on a census form they speak it fluently, asking the teacher to go to the toilet in Gaelic does not make a fluency.

    The Irish government has made efforts to keep this language going by introducing a heavilly subsidised Gaelic language channel... and its shat.

    More expense for us all to pay for some linguistic vanity.

    I had to learn Gaelic in school in 'Oirerland and it has not been in the slightest bit useful and never will be. I would estimate that the overwhelming majority of Irish TD's (MP's) will never use this clapped out useless crap. Despite being a Paddy, these days the Irish really piss me off, sanctamonious, non smoking, politically correct, good little jumped up Europeans.

    Outburst over. Time to go and lay down in a dark room.

  8. "It's a real psychological boost for the Irish language," Ahern said in a telephone interview from an EU meeting in Luxembourg.

    "While recognition of the language in an international context is symbolic, it is also much more than that," "The positive impact of this decision will be hugely influential for the 1 million-plus Irish speakers and learners in this country." said Bairbre de Brun.

    I'll warrant they said none of the above in Gaelic.
  9. Quite correct and those twats can't speak it properly.

    Lets get cornish up there with them, and maybe urdu, blanga, pujabi....
  10. Talk about gravy train!! :roll:
  11. Point taken, but would the journo have been able to understand them if they did? :)
  12. The only language speaken fluently in the European Parliment is pure B*****KS! They don't need translators of any standard to translate what they spout. A baby gurgling down the microphone is all that is required.

    Except when it comes to getting various allowances out of the European parliements pay office or ordering dinner with a healthy side order of gravy!!!

    How much time and effort, not to mention cash has been p***ed away so that a few muppets can speak in a nearly extinct langauge, that will merely slow down and muddle the procedings anyway. What is better, someone speaking in English whom most will understand as a 2nd langauage or some twaddle that is spoken by only a minority? We'll have welsh, cornish, geordie and glaswegian next!!!

    I'm not saying that a language should be forgotten, just does it have to be pushed in to peoples faces just to cause a rucus? If even the Irish government in the Dial doesn't use the language for most of its procedings why introduce it in to a parliment that already has many different languages?

    As for Sien Fien, well, they only speak gaelic to p*ss people off, and specifically divide NI.
  13. Just use english, most euro forums i have to attend are in english, and widely spoken by everyone, if they don't understand then they will when you repeat it louder and slower. If not, nick their country, then tell them Bush told us to!!

  14. Had to change Rugby clubs because I had a problem with the Welsh trying to speak English. Who are these other xenophobes too dumb to learn English? Where I come from even a five year old is reasonably fluent in it. Some people really should lift their game.
  15. If the EURO was about making holidays cheaper, as it appears to be being sold to the British public, and nothing to do with political harmonization then surely a single language would also make holidays easier and cheaper.

    If Tony Blair really wanted to stick it to the French he would accept the abolition of the rebate in a trade for the adoption of a single European language, to be the first spoken and written language of all member states. That would have the dual effect of making life an awful lot cheaper and bring closer political harmonisation.

    I bet the French Potato Faced President would soon say Non!!!!