Another North Wales PCPC Gaffe.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mushroom, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Some senior copper with the North Wales Police has said publicly that English people living in North Wales should not display the English flag as it might upset the Welsh.

    To be fair a senior Welsh politician has already denounced him as a cnut (whatever the polite term is politically) and the man himself is English, but as this is the force that takes race hate crimes so seriously that it sends a team to London to investigate the PM after he said "Fcuking Welsh" (though doesn't appear to regard three drunken thugs calling some pensioner an English barsteward as being racially motivated) should we be worried.

    The report was on this evenings PM on Radio 4 so no link available.
  2. The Welsh will have the last laugh when England are dumped out - maybe they can get their own flags out then, just to rub it in.
  3. Stop whining FFS. 20 years ago they'd have set your house on fire.
  4. I heard it mushroom and you are, as usual, right.
  5. Actually, the English are likely to have the last laugh when the Welsh and Scots eventually leave the Union and suddenly find their economies collapsing.

  6. ok laugh this one off,, scotland -wales-n.ireland didnt have an empire , england did , so we will just have to send all YOUR commonwealth citizens back to england which means we will have even more space , lots of fresh clean water from our lochs/lakes , fresh produce to sell to the english, meanwhile your cities get swamped , your hose pipe bans are longer and race riots to look forward to all the time, :D :D ya cant beat a happy ending , willie wallace must be having a right old giggle :D :D :D
  7. I think you'll find the main country that built the British empire wasn't English.

    You just narked that devolution didn't do that much for Scotland except increase taxes and it made the English realise the union jack wasn't their flag and also made us far far far more unbearable. Admit it, devolution backfired BIG TIME!
  8. There is a link here:-

    This guy is a tosser, rather like his boss. If this is not incitement for racial violence then I don’t know what is!
  9. Blowhard is an old term for a ******.

    If you knew anything about history you would know that the British (and I am an Englishman and a Unionist) Empire was founded and run by people from all over the British Isles, but that the contribution of the Scots was far and above proportional. Narrow minded Nationalism by some sad little man who feels the need to hate something is always to be regretted as is my original point that there are small minded tossers in the police force who will say anything in order to gain their next promotion.
  10. id say i know a lot about history , and if you are saying that the scots -irish-welsh where and are treated by the engleesh on an equal footing , then your a f**k**g daft mong :D :D :D england is like rome ,its had its day and look at merry old england now :D overun with YOUR citizens from YOUR empire , ps i hate no man , lifes to short , i love winding people like you up though, aye we all used to be unionists to, a long long time ago :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  11. Of course the Empire was made by all the various parts of the UK. No argument there whatsoever.

    My point was that with devolution, the genie's out of the bottle big time. Scotland and Wales (and I guess NI), if they continue to drift away from the Union (and if English nationalism gets going with a demand for an English Parliament) have a bright future as small, poor European countries just as the EU money runs out. New accession states, anyone?

    England, on the other hand....
  12. Actually, the English are likely to have the last laugh when the Welsh and Scots eventually leave the Union and suddenly find their economies collapsing.[/quote]

    You think so ? The scottish oil that was wasted by the Govt to pay for Maggies cack-handed destruction of our manufacturing base was/is equivalent to £170k per Scot.

    If that money had been used to pay people to rebuild the infrastructure ( Roads, rail, hospitals etc) instead of being blown on paying dole money do you think we would be better off now ? Maggie did it with no finesse at all.

    The last laugh will come when we charge the English for power and water.
  13. Nope. We have far better Health and Education systems than England. - And you are right, it was the Jocks and the Micks that provided the man-power behind the Empire, indeed the Govt is still run by Jocks....and a token English fat ex ships steward.

    anyone for croquet ?

  14. That oil is in international waters. Scotland is merely where the nearest whores and showers are.
  15. And that is the attitude which makes the English so loved, world-wide.