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Another Nonce- Tamworth teaching assistant


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I am surprised this report has so far not received Forum attention. The source of allegations does not appear too credible. But a shoot the messenger approach has featured too much already in the nonce history.

I hope Sir Keith Joseph's cover up decisions, as DHSS minister 1972, finally get properly re-examined. Deaths of disabled children in Hackney Social Services residential care in West Suffolk 1966 to 1972. Cover up via refusal of care inquiry by minister Sir Keith Joseph also 1972 Commons questions to minister. Deaths and appalling care standards Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire Suffolk. Deaths of staff and inmates at the Sue Ryder Home Cavendish Suffolk. Including a volunteer matron now known to have been in the company of Leonard Cheshire in the final hours of her life. A time when she acquired bruising which should be immediately treated as an indicator of **** rape. The Home Office, Suffolk Chief constable and Sir Keith Joseph all involved in cover up.

I see also in the news last week was outrage about a TV conspiracy thriller weaving the Airey Neave 1979 assassination into their plot. Whereas West Suffolk Social Services may not have been paying much attention to monitoring care homes on their patch, the fact is other parties were watching Sue Ryder Homes. The charity of which Neave was founding trustee. These other parties included a mothers group (thought to be a stillbirth group) for reasons I do not know. And also keeping a weather eye on the charity in Suffolk was an asset of OIRA including at a time INLA was breaking away from the officials.

What a tangled web of which only one strand receives scrutiny. Jimmy Savile abuse at the Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds 1970s. The cover up otherwise maintains business as usual.
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