Another nonce - Sir Cyril Smith

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pyianno, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. You can't, Broon sold of "Cyril's Weight in Gold" in the 90s, at below market rates.

    The one-eyed twunt.
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  2. "He confirmed that when the CPS carried out a review of the case in 1998, it was decided no proceedings would be brought against the MP, because he had been told in 1970 that he would not be charged, a decision that could only be reversed if new evidence was unearthed." many more......
  3. This was done weeks ago.
  4. Including the CPS bashing?

    I missed that chug-fest.
  5. If you can't outrun a fat **** like Cyril Smith, then you deserve to get****ed!!
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  6. You blokes have a rather novel zombie problem, every time some **** dies he turns into a kiddie-fiddler.
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  7. Black Ops III?
  8. So are they going to take away his knighthood as well?
  9. Oh well never mind CPS are not fit for purpose, never have been. Revenge would be sweet if they were to be dismembered after all the in house gloating. SNAFU
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Change of ****ing tune from the pie-eating paedo's family now.
  11. He'll be sorely missed.

    My arrse...
  12. Crown Prosecution Service is an inaccurate title. They are a prosecuting monopoly enjoyed only by the Home Office police forces. If they were truly a Crown Authority then they would accept prosecution files from any subject of the Realm.

    A member of the public can institute criminal proceedings (if they can afford to) and later ask the CPS to take it forward in the public interest. Good luck with that.

    My understanding is that the Attorney General is overall custodian of public interest decisions (IE Not to prosecute certain offenders) and that he represents both the interests of the Crown and the Govt. His interpretation of his duty appears to amount to not having an effing clue what decisions were taken or by whom ...
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  13. Blimey you really are a lefty whinging fuckwit.