Another nicked medal or just another idiot?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by crazymab, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Saw this advertised on Ebay and was wondering if anyone knew the blokes or girls to find out if it was nicked or just to let them know that it is still a Court Martial offence to sell your medals, just to warn them off really.

    Have a look and we will see.
  2. Obviously some very thick people now adays. I think ebay should monitor this more closely in order to avoid this and then inform the relevent people so it can be stopped. Why sell a medal that you or someone has risked their life for!!!!!!!!!

  3. £300 goes a long way for an ex squaddie down on his luck and zero support from the people that sent him.
  4. I see your point but there is no way on this earth I would sell mine even if i was that desperate.
  5. Have you looked at the seller's other items? I don't think the person awarded this medal is the one putting it up for auction. The seller claims it has come via an auction house. Regardless, it's still sad that medals have to end up on ebay or in an auction house for that matter.
  6. Trouble is they are being sold by dealers or bought to be resold from an auction house, so the original owners wont have got near that price
  7. onAgreed, so the long and the short of it is our boys are getting done over regardless.
  8. yes, ive seen a dealer offer £80 for a telic, then slap it upto 180 on his website
  9. I personally think its about time that our soldiers are treated with the respect they deserve and they should have a better standard of living when they leave the armed forces .

    When you have a house and a family your money dont go far ,May be there should be a law made to stop these auction house's and dealers making money from these poor soldiers who dont have enough resource's .
    May be some kind of trust could be set up where soldier's could receive a loan of money interest free.
  10. I agreed about the money side with being down on luck, but like others i would never get rid of mine, guys and girls have been hurt and lost their lives, not for my medal, but i still wear it with pride and next to my heart, maybe that sounds soppy but we all do it. Its always the same we all get Flocked over from all sides the government and the moneymakers..
  11. Why blame the dealers? They will have overheads and will need to make a profit.

    It is sad that people will sell their medals, either because they mean nothing to them, or because they are that desperate for the cash.
  12. Horses for courses mate, can see what your saying but also Flashys point, none of us know how desperate one day we may get.
  13. Nowt against a dealer who will offer a fair price, but a 100 quid isnt a fair markup.
  14. On the other hand...

    Note how tarnished it is... For some it becomes a lump of metal stuck in a drawer.

    I'm not selling mine. And I've got a drawer of family medals from WWI and onwards, but that's all they do... sit there.

    Here's a nasty thought though... guess my son or daughter might flog them one day... I could live with selling mine if needs be, but would be devistated to think that my kids would flog 'em.

    (As an aside I once delivered water to an old lady... we got chatting... she asked me if I thought any of this was worth anything... her dead husband was the CO of a British Regt (can't remember now) whose Regt Col was Kaiser Wilhelm until WWI... so she had everything from swords to medals to silver topped canes engraved with presented by Kaiser W etc... I said Imperial War Museum... but I bet someone else made a pretty penny)
  15. Mine was in a worse state when the clerk in RHQ threw it at me. At least his/hers has a ribbon on it.

    They don't use the most tarnish resistent metal for them.