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From my inbox this morning:

Ronin is THE Online Community Created to Serve The Forces by Providing Offline Support & Resources...
We will provide a service for any ex/serving military personal from any country from any theatre of war or conflict....No one will be restricted except from terrorist groups

We will achieve our GOALS by making the site membership led, with teams of people building up networks that will be by service, cap badge, country, ship, flight, name it, as long as it fits into a group, we/you will create it. The vision is for groups to be localized for meetings. i.e.: Sheffield, this will be a group of people who meet online, and who can facilitate off line meetings.

The off line meetings will give each other an understanding ear, welfare support, health support advice or specialize in a specific area such as employment, if a member asks a group for help, you/we through our network will support as much as we can.

As administrators of the site, we will not be led by political or religious groups or thinking, where ever troops are we will support regardless of why they are there. We will also support families and friends of those on operational tours.

Be part of a unique site that in 2 years, will be a house-hold name… Subscribe to our Newsletter now and we will issue you week by week progress reports and give you unique opportunities to benefit form your early Ronin support… we can’t do this without you!

We ARE Ronin… Are You?

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