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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by the_guru, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. It's that time of the year again and I've traded the Tiger for one of these babies. Picking it up in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.

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  2. nice bike...but hope you have your AA/RAC/ADAC membership up to date :)
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  3. They got really good reviews in all the mags, even the sportsbike foccused magazines.

    Not my style but it does look good.
  4. Has it got desmodic valves? The racers (Ducati) have 'em. Has this got 'em too?
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what's it for? The suspension travel looks like it's made for off-roading but the mudguards suggest that you'd come a cropper if you went anywhere dirty. Maybe it's so that you can get a really heavy load of pizzas in the top box when you get it fitted?
  6. Ah, the uninitiated. It's called a Multistrada for a reason. It's got electronically controlled suspension and engine mapping. It truly is four machines in one. It's got an on the move change to electronically adjust the suspension, traction control and engine mapping. It's got the 1198 engine in it and makes more power and torque than the 1198 up to 6K revs.

    Big Jim, yes it's a Desmodromic engine.
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  7. Nice one!
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  8. The same was said of the Titanic,it was 'cutting edge' at the time,and got rave reviews as well! :muhaha:
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  9. That sounds impressive, but I'm still at a bit of a loss. I can come to grips with the suspension change having had Citroens with hydropneumatic suspension but it still brings me back to the thought that the mudguard clearance looks suitable for only uno or due of the quattro stradas.

    How does traction control work on a bike? The tyre grips or it doesn't, Shirley. Bikes don't have a differential, do they? And looking at the pic, the bike doesn't seem to be a 2x2 - if such things exist. Unless it has an air compressor that blows loose gravel out of the way...

    As for engine mapping, I don't want to know. It's bound to be linked to the dark side of the Force, like electronic ignition, fuel injection and sat navs.

    And its engine has more power and torque than itself? Because it's a camel with two humps?
  10. The TC cuts the spark to one of the cylinders causing it to drop power and get the tyre to grip.
  11. Yamaha have played with 2x2, the front end being hydraulically driven, but you can buy one of these strange looking objects
    Kentucky Rokon 2X2 motorcycle


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  12. I assume you'll bung a pair of termi pipes on once she's run in?

    Loud pipes save lives. :)
  13. Not here you can't. Half your luck.
  14. OK so it has been oversold a bit. It is NOT an off-road bike (look at the tyres). What it is is:

    1. A very nice bike to look at.
    2. A very powerful and good handling bike that has even sportbike fans mildly impressed.
    3. Capable of smoothing out rough roads in a manner that a sportbike couldn't.
    4. A comfortable and relatively upright riding position that is suitable for city riding and touring.
    5. A decent windscreen for high speed touring.

    Basically a sports-touring bike for the more adventurous. Makes PERFECT sense from where I sit. Like others though I might be a bit concerned about using a duke as a long range tourer.

    Very very nice. I want one.

    I imagine that, as part of the design process Ducati looked at what most owners of "big traily" bikes actually do and realised that most of them actually do hardly any, if any at all, actual off road riding so they dumped that part of the design brief in favour of better road manners.
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    At least then you could live up to your name - blokeonanobsoletepieceofshit should be your moniker until then......