Another new member looking for career information.... Linguistic intel& Recon Paras.

Hi, I'm new here, and was just wondering if anybody had experience of working in either the linguistic intelligence or the recon paras.
I was looking through the army careers page, and was interested in trying out for linguistics intelligence and then, after completing that, moving onto the recon paras. The actual MOD page is, shall we say, not very generous with the information, and I don't want to apply for something without knowing what it will involve.

Most specifically, do you have any idea which language they will be teaching at the moment? I suppose with the ongoing problems in the Middle East, Arabic would be an important one; however, there's the threat of war with Iran that has been looming over us for the past number of years, and therefore I assume Persian might be on the list, also. I doubt Dari will, as Afghanistan is supposed to be deescalating now for the withdrawal of our troops next year.

I was sort of hoping to network with people who have either done the course, no matter how long ago, or who are currently going through it, that I may have some knowledge before I enlist.

I also notice that there's more than one language role; the language specialist appears to need a higher level of education, so I was wondering what the difference is between these roles.

If I join the military, I want a role that not only allows me to serve my country, but also allows me to develop useful skills- a strong hold of the Arabic language, or Persian would obviously be such an advantage.


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