Another new cadre of SUTs starts...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. 62 showed from 71 booked; one crocked ankle, two hospitalised with suspected heat injuries (moral; don't just tell them 95 times to drink water, actually watch them doing so ), and one RTUd after he'd signed the "Fit to train" certificate, he mantioned to the PTIs "I do have a hairline crack in my upper arm, Corporal." "Can you do press ups?" "No.")

    Coupe of ex-Regs ( inc two Gurkhas) and what looks like a Bros Tribute act.

    63, I look forward to one day, your SUTs actually having all of their kit. Webbing belts might come in handy, I gather.

    Can the RLC blokes who did so well in that recent Mil Skills contest now send those blokes to help train their SUTs, please.
  2. I was one of those 62 SuTs, but I did bring all my kit :) Looking forward to weekend 2.
  3. Mate, you want them to bring all their kit? At the same time?
    Tut. whatever next?!
  4. You'll be asking them not to whip out the Camera phones the first time they draw weapons next.
  5. BB you're doing a fine job.
  6. I enjoyed the weekend, was pretty much as i expected really.
    The DS were fairly lighthearted but I am sure they will get more hardlined as the weekends progress.
    I enjoyed the mixed up nature of the sessions not allowiing to much information overload in any one area.
    Good weather obviously helped.
    Shame we could have spent Saturday night out properly in the field but I assume there are good reaosns for that.
    Some of the lessons felt a little rushed however, for example the shelter building.
    One of our SAA lessons missed out a drill that was then taught latter on in the next lesson which took longer than expected for some SuTs to pick up which meant the main part of this lesson was missed, this worried me slightly as certain section memebers struggled with NSPs so with more complex drills god knows, hopefullt back at their TACs they will be able to pick up what they have missed.

    It would have been nice to seen a timing plan for the weekend so we knew what items to pack into the bergan and leave in the black bags. Not sure if this was down to the duty student of each section not passing on info or if the DS liked to keep each part of the weekend a secret until we moved on to it.

    PT was fun and not to much of a struggle.

    Food was good, as were the skits on Saturday night.
  7. what are you on. The food at malta has been the worst i have had on an army camp.
  8. Agreed was there for 2 weeks, for phase one. If anyone thinks malta's food is good they must not be fed well at home.
  9. well a fried breakfast is pretty much the same anywhere, and the only other food I had in the cookhouse was a lasagne and that was fine, decent portion with chips and salad no dramas with it at all. The egg roll we were given for later tho was a bit nasty after it had sat in the sun for a while.
  10. with regards to the SAA lessons, the rcts parent unit should also be teaching them these lessons prior to the rcts coming down to Malta, however i have found that more than one unit do not do this, and therefore its down to the instrs that are on the weekend to teach the rcts from scratch, which can be difficult or the rest of you who know what you are doing.

    there is a timing plan in your lines, however the duty student should also know what is going on and be able to pass this down to the rest of the cadre, you will find this out more on rt2 - rt5, which you will be spending in camp.
  11. Christ, I've licked windows with more nutrition in them then the food at Malta.
  12. When I asked may moons ago why recruits were not taught SAA at our unit, the reply was because it sometimes clashed with what was taught at the RTC.
  13. Ditto - The position as I understood it was that units were specifically told not to teach SUTs anything that would be covered on their weekends so as to ensure a single standard of instruction. Could be wrong/changed though.
  14. Correct; The RTCs get the latest version of the pamphlets as a priority, and some units have been teaching out of date stuff.
  15. I take offense to that, all our recruits are taught AFV recognition, basic Russian (300 words) and have passed their weapon handling tests on the SMG before we send them up to you - atleast we're being proactive and trying to make your lives easier BB!!