Another nail in the coffin of sensible Britain?

I found this news feed and it has made me think - wtf are we doing??!! Many single parents crack on with their jobs in all walks of life and many in the forces perform above and beyond whilst juggling child care issues. This is taking the p*ss in my book, but that is just my humble narrow minded opinion :x There are many agencies out there that can assist and if the CoC are informed I am sure that they would have pointed her in the right direction. That is the PC Army we have now - trade in your pace stick for a black leather sofa to sooth your troubled soldiers heads when they can't sort their admin out!!

Payout for soldier forced to quit

A female soldier disciplined by the Army after missing a parade to look after her daughter is set to receive damages after winning an employment tribunal claim, it was reported.
Single mother Tilern DeBique, 28, said she was forced to leave her job because she was unable to organise childcare.
The former corporal won a claim of sexual discrimination following a hearing at the Central London Employment Tribunal, the Daily Mail said.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "The Armed Forces aim to achieve a working environment free from harassment, intimidation and discrimination.
"Serving personnel who are parents are responsible for ensuring they have childcare arrangements in place so that they can fulfil all of their Army duties.
"Commonwealth and RoI (Republic of Ireland) citizens have access to the same levels of Army welfare support as their British counterparts."

A hearing continues to decide the level of payout due to Ms DeBique for loss of earnings and damages.
Ms DeBique, who was recruited on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, was told she was expected to be available for duty at all times and that the Army was "unsuitable for a single mother who couldn't sort out her childcare arrangements", the tribunal heard.
She was formally disciplined after failing to turn out on a parade in January 2007 so she could look after her daughter. A month earlier, she missed training after her daughter fell ill, it was reported.
After quitting the Army in 2008, she launched employment tribunal proceedings and won her claim for sexual discrimination. She also successfully argued that she was the victim of race discrimination after saying that immigration laws prevented her bringing a relative to the UK to help with childcare.
The hole that we have dug for ourselves just keeps getting deeper and deeper, who can blame her for trying it on ?
The mechanisms are in place now for the most ludicrous claims imaginable.What next ? refusing to go out on patrol because the babysitter/childcare have taken the day off," so i need to get home"
We are the morons who have allowed successive governments to bring in all of these p.c. regulations and dictats from our masters in the e.u. :x
Absolutely rev. It does make me think hard about the plus points of a Military Coup!!!!!! Far too many negatives though so I'll put that in my 'to do' pile. :p

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