Another Muslim child rape gang busted in Oxford

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tobers, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Where does it say they were muslim?

  2. They are. The DM only alludes to it:

  3. Not being a local to the area,but the report didn't mention Muslims? I would've picked some sort of eastern bloc grubs myself?

  4. It seldom does. Until court cases reveal the names.
    Like it or not, over 90% of convictions for this particular crime of street grooming are Pakistani muslim men
  5. Fingers crossed they'll be on the receiving end of some special loving themselves soon.
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  6. Well it is Thursday...
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  7. dont worry, Andy McNab will be checking "baby-g" and oiling up his AK. I read one of his books when he went on the hunt of a sex gang. and before you ask, yes it was personal

    on another note, no matter what the ethnicity this is absolutely sickening.
  8. As a practicing muslim, I find it offensive that the religion of the men in question, who are only accused of these crimes, is being brought up yet again. I'm sure that these blokes were only trying to help these young ladies, by showing them some positive male attention.
  9. Seems we're out of the loop down here mucker.

    Given the general consensus thus far, I take it this well-known back in the UK?
  10. From the BBC report...

    "Two of the men in the car were Abid Saddique and and Mohammed Liaqat. Both had families and, it became apparent, both had secret lives."

    Saddique and Liaqat? The dirty little Scottish Presbyterian bastards!!
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  11. Yes, it looks much like a number of very similar cases of muslim gangs targetting white children, teenage girls in particular.
  12. Put a bunch of blokes from a background and culture of repression over matters sexual in close proximity with a bunch of girls from a society that does not give a flying about matters of sexual morality, combine with a break-down in parental authority etc etc and who is surprised that this happens. ....and is the behaviour of Brits on Tour in Thailand that different ?
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  13. I wasn't aware Brits were known for flying to Thailand and systematically gang raping people.
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