Another murder.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Aug 25, 2007.

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    Keys to the armory anyone?
  2. Totally appaling story what is wrong with these people why the hell would you wish to kick to death anyone let alone a especially vunerable guy like this
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    My bold
    Theres your answer mate
    A poor lad who dosen't have the ways or means to defend him self against this scum
    Where as the cunt's who did this will think they are big and hard and be walking a bit taller today
    I hope some really nasty people get to them before the police

    The party that brings back concentration camps for these basterds will get my vote
  4. A couple of bouncers were shot in Liverpool too. LINK

    I expect there will be more tonight. Can't help wondering whether the number of gunshot wounds is higher in the UK with the 'lowest ever levels of violent crime' or in Afghanistan with 'World War II levels of armed conflict'.
  5. But I don't understand, because according to a Labour minister last night on 5 Live, crime and especially violent crime rates are down?
  6. Perhaps its because you only need 365 murders a year for the newspapers to report one murder a day?
  7. Were not getting close to an election are we, shortly the political party members will have to leave their bubbles and head out nto the real world. :x
  8. it's what the youth seem to be into these days

  9. Hang The SCUM.
  10. I'm generally a bleeding-hearts liberal but this sort of things just stuns me. In a world where the human rights of prisoners are upheld on a daily basis and where punishment rarely fits the crime, it's time that we had a real deterrent for the more abhorrent crimes. People need to be made aware that there are severe comsequences for their actions!
    And this from a man who generally believes that people deserve a second chance...
  11. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    NM ... the victims don't get second chances.
  12. Exactly. :evil:
  13. Lets see what happens shall we, will this rise the British Population to demand an end to easy sentences, to slaps on the wrists, to lets hug the little fellows, no it wont as they will look at their politicians for guidance.

    So far we have the words 'trust me' and 'violent crime is falling' and we will act (but not yet as well still on holiday)

    So will the Police announce zero tolerance or carry on with mass car checks, (15 police on our road today, funnily neighbour got burgled thursday no one turned up)

    Nope nothing will happen folks, and the dead and injured will rise, and still nothing, no wonder emigration is at its highest
  14. There is also the "unreported" crime, for example. Last boxing day my father had come down from Scotland to visit, some scrote turned up from my step mothers side at my brothers house and started gobbing off without knowing who was in the house. I got shot of the little bastard then half an hour later he comes onto the property and sprays pepper spray through the feking letterbox. Police called etc and they turn around and say no crime was commited, so there you go folks entering somebody elses property and spraying pepper spray into is is not a crime.