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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by RFUK, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Apologies for adding to the already numerous MPGS threads on the site, but I had a few questions.

    I'm a 21 year old TA inf. lance jack. I've been in just short of 5 years and done several tours. I'm hoping the MPGS will be a good move because:

    - It will cover my rent!
    - It will give me time to study
    - I'm a retained firefighter, and having several days off at a time will allow me to continue with this (extra 2 grand a year and 10 quid an hour for callouts)

    I just have a few questions which I hope someone can answer:

    - How exactly do the shifts work? (I've heard 4 on, 4 off. Is this correct? What kind of stag rotor operates during the 4 on?)

    - What's the crack with promotion? From what I can work out, I'd start as a private and hope to get promoted.

    - My local AFCO have told me the guy I need to speak to is away until December so I should read a leaflet and come back then (!). I tried the online careers office, but they were even less use, and the phone number (01962887113) i have from the MPGS leaflet just rings out. Anyone got any ideas where I should go next?
  2. 4 on 4 off all through the year.

    Promotion is on merit (it helps being a senior rank and so does arrse licking) everyone starts as a private.

    Pay is so so but you can earn extra on days off with little jobs - only ones not allowed are bar and security work.

    You get SLC and ELC so thats a bonus.

    You may have to move for promotion and it could pay the rent (you will get roughtly 800 to 900£ in your sky rocket a month in your first year). I get 1200 after 3 years now.

    I am not sure about the retained FF thing - I know we cannot be specials and I am sure that goes for FF as well!!!!

    They have just moved to the combined services police trg centre and the phones arent up to scratch yet.... best write them an email!!!


  3. The official work roster is 4 days on followed by 3 days off and 1 Training day, making a working week of 5 on 3 off.

    Most if not all sites only use 1 Trg day per month but if they want to use them all they can.

    Whilst on shift you will either work 2 days/2 nights/4 off or 4 days/4 off/4nights, depends on the site commander what he wants.

    What you do on the days/nights you are working again depends on the specific site that you are at, they really do vary a great deal but as a rule it will be a combination of gate duty, patrols both on foot and mobile and general guardroom duties, and lots of free time between each activity.

    Promotion is a subject that will always split opinions, generally the quality guys will get it when a slot is available just as happens in every other Army unit, moving around will enhance your chances but even that is getting harder to do because the sites are filling up fast, previous rank is taken into consideration because it shows you already have the basics required to be a good soldier. An ex WO2 will nearly always have more core skills than the ex Pte/Lcpl.

    The retained FF job should not be a problem, but again it is down to whichever site you get, one of my sites would not permit driving jobs due to drivers hours and it is a big part of your duties being able to drive.

    Hope this helps
  4. I should explain - the FF job involves being on call as and when, and only when i'm home - so on my 3 days off.

    All the info's appreciated!
  5. W*nkers! This is on their official website...

    "Ranging from" - I took to mean as "starting at". What I missed was "level 4". £16,174 would just about cover my bills. £1300 would not!
  6. You wont get much more..... and Retained FF is not an option, checked at work, defo a nono! sorry - Glad I am getting an MD!!!
  7. What I do in my own time is my own business as far as I'm concerned! What they don't know can't hurt the. Thanks for asking though.

    Looks like I need to find myself a real civvie job... Shame I'm useless at everything else really!
  8. Well, you are obliged to inform the MoD / Army of status as a retained as you are of informing the police you are in the army when trying to become a special constable!

    Not worth the hassle and the admin discharge it could provoke.

    The job is tonk really!

    Try for something in IT - more money and more fun!
  9. MPGS...not exactly for winners is it?
  10. "MPGS not exactly for winners"

    What does that mean? I voluntarily left the RAF 4 years ago and regretted it soon after. Not because of a lack of career though, as I became a prison officer and love it, however, I miss the professionalism and comradship that came with being in the forces. Therefore, I decided to join the MPGS (as I am way to old for the regular forces now) and am looking forward to it. Still the benefits of being in the forces without the instability!

    I hope that people don't perceive me as a loser at my new camp!

  11. Sorry jenhen, you mentioned RAF with professionalism and "forces" all in the same paragraph? You are kidding, are'nt you?
  12. Now, now, play nicely.

    Just to let you know that a new contract is about to be let in Tidworth and Bulford to recruit another 51 MPGS. Once those LSNs have been filled then the focus turns to Catterick where 58 MPGS are in-line to be recruited.
  13. yes drain-sniffer I did dare to mention those two words in the same paragraph!lol

    But then i suppose it depends with whom and were you may have worked. But after experiencing working for another large government organisation (ie. prison service) I soon found out how the RAF's professionalism and training was way above any thing else I have since experienced.

    Yes I was that sad old military cabbage!!
  14. Of course they won't. With your Prison Officer experiences, you'll easily master the art of locking gates.

    You weren't RAF Police were you?
  15. RFUK, why I am I a little suspicious of you? Just been on the index looking at your post Re your post on E Goat asking them questions about becoming air crew. then over here your asking questions about joining MPGS. A bit of a come down or are you hedging your bets?

    Another thing; 21 year old Lance Jack with FIVE years service? So you joined man service at sixteen? What the hell took you so long to your first tape?

    Edited due to incredibly poor maths!