Another MP with hand in the till

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Yet again, an MP using allowances illegally. This time to subsidise his kid through university.

    Just for balance, this time it is a Conservative. He had to apologise to the Commons and will be banned for 10 days. Perhaps he should be made to apologise the British public, whose taxes he was handing over to his son.

    I really do think that it is time a party leader made an example of this sort of thieving git. Anyone else in public service caught with his hand in the till would be sacked - it is about time it happened to an MP
  2. If we ran our lives in the same way that these elected twats run theirs...we would all be jailed. As they say on the advert, `No if`s, no but`s.` We would be canned.

    These bastards think (and it mostly works) that a grovelling apology, an inane `I`ve let everybody down` speech and that`s it..forgotten about.

    I try to explain to a cynical Mrs Rock and the two lads of mine, the importance of voting and democracy! How the fukc can I make any statement that they will take seriously when time and time again, these cnuts let us and the sysytem down?

    And breathe............
  3. i think we can safely assume they all have there hand in the till, until the slip up and get caught fuggin ******$
  4. He needs to be sacked because this goes beyond nepotism. This is corruption. The kid wasn't even doing any work.

    Useless bunch of *****.

    What does it take to remove someone from the Houses of Parliament. It seems that even a lowly clerk in a private company has to abide by higher standards of behavior.
  5. This is leading the country by example....he should team up with the Prime Minster of Hungary....both of the same ilk...but I digress. One wonders if they've heard of Corporate Governance.....and another reason why I left those shores that I so loved many years ago.
  6. I see Glasgow Mick's wife wqs also getting paid for doing nothing and no doubt lots of MPs of all aprties are doing it. I think the answer would be for all researchers and assistants to b eemployed as civil servants by a central department and no MP allowed to employ members of his/her family. Failing that if (or more likely when ) an MP is found guilty tyey should be sacked as MPs not demoted by their own party for a couple of weelks. I don't suppose for one moment that him being banned from parliament fro a few days will result in any loss of pay.
  7. Do You honestly think it doesn't go on in corporate life. You just ask any auditor and they will tell You some stories that sound very similar.

    as a matter of fact, I seem to recall that as a Nig I heard whispers of several SNCOs claiming travel allowance to an address in Scotland that turned out to be non existant. Oh, and a red tabbed officer who got His driver to drive back to England with a trailerful of, I believe, vintage port.

    Politicians, like the forces, reflect what is happening in the big bad world.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Sven, please tell me you aren't seriously trying to justify these actions.

    "It's ok Mr Prime Minister, the scruffy oiks in the real world do it, so we can as well. I've been a bad boy, I'll apologise and crack on with my work - sort of. Meanwhile, can we have permission to prosecute anyone NOT a politician to the full limit of the law? Cheers, Gordy"

    You amaze me, for all the wrong reasons.
  9. Dude, in corporate life this will be considered a very serious offence. Nepotism is one thing, but if a salaried director/partner paid his 19 year old son 11k a year to do nothing then had the cheek the claim bonuses iun excess of 10K, there would be a lot of explaining to do.
  10. On the other hand, a lot of MPs wives do a lot of admin type work behind the scenes and I for one have no objection to them getting paid for doing an honest day's work.

    In this case, I hope that he's made an honest mistake, otherwise fraud is fraud.

  11. when some chap says follow me over the edge of a cliff "i want to make sure hes not actually standing behind me!!"
  12. Then they should all be punished. :x
    Sack the bl00dy lot of them and prosecute for theft.
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    That's it Sven. Get your excuses in early.

    The difference is, of course, that in corporate life there are auditors and watchdogs. It's called accountability.

    This came to light from a leak and a newspaper report.

    This was fingers in the till without checks and balances. End of.
  14. Had the individuals you mention been caught, then would an apology from them and a short suspension from work (on full pay and allowances) been their punishment?
  15. I understand where you are coming from, but, these feckers should be beyond repraoch, and be seen to be squeeky clean.

    They should not be allowed to employ familly members. If an MP employs his wife/husband as a researcher or secretary, they are not exactly going to sack them, if they fail to turn up, or spend and extra hour for lunch shopping everyday.

    There are employment rules regulating 'nepotism' in every other employment genre, it seems however not if your seat lies in Westminster.

    Effectively they are sidelining their parliamentary administrative budget, to go straight into their bank account, via the tax man.