Another MP released from jail early

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. Good, let's see how he likes signing on every week and trying to live on JSA.

    Has the cnut in question paid his fiddings back?
  2. He,ll now have plenty of time to write a book about his time behind bars,
    Which will surely include avoiding gang rape [sometimes] by a group known as the sisters,
    Being befreinded by the prison scrounger/dealer
    Doing the dodgy accounts of the prison governor/staff.
    Digging a cunningly concealed escape tunnel using a small plastic spoon.

    Or maybe not.
  3. Most likely the book will be about being violently sodomised I would imagine.
  4. I do hope so, will he lose his pension?
  5. Over here if a pollie goes to the boob they lose all their pension.
  6. Or perhaps about how he was innocent all along and was actually "acting within the rules".

    One corrupt cunt scapegoated does not justice make
  7. Or how about he was a lying, thieving scumbagcunt found guilty in a Court of Law and "forced" to server time for breaking the Laws of the land, even with the help of the "rules" laid out by his colleagues. UI do agree with scapegoat, but he was found GUILTY. Unlike oh, about 350-ish of his colleagues.

    *** sorry, I_t_T - I mis-read your post. Yes, that's the plot of his book... ***