Another MP in the trough

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jarrod248, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Isn't he banging Chris Huhne's ex wife? Birds of a feather!
  2. Agree with your sentiments Jarrod but doubt it will happen and I can't see him doing anytime for such a small(!!) ammount. If the legislature really wanted to be seen as tough on this, they should introduce minimum sentences for misfeasance in public office, rather like the mandatory 5 years for firearms possesion (Yes DN!) . The fact that they don't , I think shows their indifference to public opinion and clearly they haven't learnt from the expenses scandal.
  3. It is part of the expenses scandal. Nicking £125K wasn't enough for him do he swiped a bit more.
  4. Good, he has twisted and distorted stats and down right lies for political gain in the past. He has bullied and smeared those that have got in his way, a nasty piece of work, hope he gets a good long sentence, fat chance I know.
  5. If you're caught with your fingers in the till in the military you face being reduced in rank (amongst other things) which then fucks your pension. I know there are no "ranks" amongst the MPs but there should be provision made to dock the *******' pension funds. That would make them think twice.

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  6. 18 Months Suspended if he is found guilty.

    These people rarely have to atone to society...

    The pesky members of Parliament played a blinder with their pay rise. Remove the decision from their hands and then they can't be blamed for creaming the pot. Word on the QT behind the scenes to the chair of IPSA and the promise of a long Government job and an honour or two and the jobs a good un.....

    If an acclaimed author had written a political thriller about how Parliament would have planned to give themselves a pay rise they couldn't have planned it any better.

    Us the poor taxpayer have been had yet again.

    But then in today's environment of bonuses for failure and expectations of huge pay-offs the further up the ladder you are what are we to expect.
    Look at the BBC yesterday. Head of HR in front of the Parliamentary committee shrugs her shoulders and says we got it wrong. Em sorry but I will keep my exceptionally well paid job and the pension what goes with it.

    Just like the Roman Empire which fell to absolute corruption so our society trudges on to inevitable failure.
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  7. Interesting thoughts, Geezer.

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  8. Oh dear.

    Another parliamentary porker with the trotters in the till.

    By heck this country really is as bad as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Italy.

    Dirty dirty piggy.

    Edit: Sorry, I changed '****' to 'heck'.
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  9. Gives pigs a bad name.
  10. My Italian flatmate says that at least the politicos in her country are open about it and are not a bunch of hypocrites...
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  11. Agreed. I was just about to post something along those lines.
  12. I can't see a requirement for MPs to be kept in a subsidised 'own' home in London during the week. MPs representing constituencies outside a daily commute should stay in a London B&B at best during the week, the land/lady is paid by Parliament directly. By all means get some low level admin to do the bookings. No scran allowance, eat less, lose weight. If MPs need to work or entertain, stay at the office ( parliament ). Walk or get the tube fatty, no taxi expenses. The tax payer may permit you a contribution to an oyster card.

    Going home at weekends? Pay your own way, book in advance. Your family home should be in your constituency and you live there when not in London. This notion that an employer has to pay big bucks in pay and allowances to get the best is as flawed as flawed theories get. Before they enter Parliament, very few MPs have any qualifications or experience suited to life outside parliament so politics is not in competition with the private sector for these people. And even following experience in Parliament, even Cabinet, some, even most remain vacant and naïve.

    If I was an MP, I'd be happy showering, laundering and kipping in an Officers' mess ( even a Crab one....especially a Crab one) and legging it to Kings Cross at 1200 in Fridays.

    Vote for me.
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  13. If he has been charged then isn't this sub judice, come on mods rules are rules lock it away and lets pretend that it never happened eh!

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