Another MP in the mire....

The BBC is all over this:

Tory MP arrest on assault charges

Conservative MP Nigel Waterson has been arrested for allegedly assaulting two teenage children.
The Eastbourne MP was detained by police on Sunday night and held for nearly thirteen hours.

He was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police at an address in Bromley just before midnight on Sunday.

Police went to the address following reports of an assault. The police say the children did not require any medical attention.

It is believed the MP was held by police until Monday morning when he was released.

If it turns out that he's slapped a couple of chavs, then good luck to him, IMHO.

Odd that the report uses the word "children", though.
Dilfor said:
Telegraph says it was his teenage son & daughter.

Evening meals are going to be a bit frosty round their table.
Aha! I can predict a series of 'how to beat your children without disturbing Inspector Knacker' stories in the Daily Hate.
This could be an extremely serious matter.

Or it could be yet another example of politically correct, target-driven social engineering /'policing', overreacting and alienating yet another previously supportive and law abiding citizen.

I am moist with anticipation of the answer.

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