Another Moral dilemma


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Got the below sent to my youtube account today..

am writing to you from Folio/Mentorn Television in London. We’re one of the UK’s most respected independent television producers, with a track record of high profile, award-winning programming for the UK and worldwide. Amongst other programmes, we produce BBC’s Question Time, Dispatches and The Insider for Channel 4.

We are making a new programme for ITV that shows what war is like, from a soldiers’ viewpoint. This intends to be a positive portrayal of a soldiering life beyond combat – the friendships and camaraderie, the ups and downs behind the front line.

Your 'Top Car' video is exactly what we're looking for! If you have any moving footage that you shot yourself whilst posted in Iraq then please do get in touch. You can either email me on ***** or if you’d like to chat a bit more about the programme my direct number is 020 *******. The inspiration for this celebratory programme, a compilation of our forces’ home-video footage was The British Army’s version of ‘Is This the Way to Amarillo’ posted on

We hope this is going to be an up-beat, positive look behind the scenes and we’d love you to be involved.
link the top car video is youtube vid

Now to me, this sounds genuine, and exactly what the army needs (the proposed documentary, not the above video in particular), so i personally am all for allowing them to play this video.

So what, you ask? well, the video isnt mine. It was made by someone in the same coy as me, but a different platoon, but i cannot for the life of me remember who. I am going to contact the emailer and tell them this, but if anyone else recognises who it came from, PM me please?

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