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I have a mobile phone from Vodaphone. I want to put another simcard (T-Mobile) in and use up the huge amount of credit that has built up on it while it's not been used. I don't have the T-Mobile phone 'cos my son lost it. I don't want to buy an new handset either.

How do I unlock the phone? It's a Sagem my411V if that makes any difference.
Theres a little gage on the Market in my town centre who unlocks them for the sum of 10 of her majesties finest. Im sure there is a similar little man on a market near you Legs

Not sure where you live, but if there is an internet cafe/call centre that is frequented by immigrants/overseas students in your town/city you can usually get it done there for cheap. E.g. Rusholme in Manc, Woolwich in London, Parnell St in dublin etc.

Alternatively, you can go into one of the smaller shops selling mobiles (but not an 'official' store if you see what I mean) and they'll do it for abut a tenner.

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