Another MK2 rant

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Gassing_Badgers, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. What a load of shoite....

    - Assessment questions where none of the answers are right
    - Questions taken out of context
    - Ambiguous answers
    - The assumption that anyone can provide total recall of any paragraph in AFM Vol 1

    ...worst of all - no feed back! What did I supposedly get wrong? :x :x :x

    Need a cup of tea to calm down!
  2. Oh well, when you finally get to major you can apply for the SO2 job that is responsible for this pile. If it is any consolation the previous MK, where you went to JDSC and spent months having to learn it by rote, was more unpleasant.
  3. Thank god it wasn't just me...phew
  4. Once the high-level handshakes and contracts are in place, I very much doubt the SO2 gets much say in this...

    Having never studied the previous MK, it is difficult for me to comment, but I imagine at the very least the questions were written and marked by a human, preferably one in green.

    An excellent example of MK2 bollox is the question which asks:
    "what are the 7 main planning considerations in offensive operations?"

    The answer they are looking for is:
    - Counter Air Operations
    - Air Defence
    - Mobility and Counter Mobility
    - Survivability
    - OPSEC
    - Deception
    - CBRN Defence

    Sound familiar? No? Thats because the question was plucked from the 'Protection' planning consideration, of which the above are components. Nice.