Another Miss Arrse Contest?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Door_Bundle_Mk2, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. Don't suppose there's any chance of holding another contest? Obviously with a bit of a twist, i.e the birds don't actually show their faces or bodies for that matter, just a close up - a "gyno shot", if you will, of their front bottoms.

    As an added bonus ball feature, they'd submit their entries anonymously and we'd have to guess which kebab belonged to which bird. The winning guesser wins the winning birds skin, tanned and made into a lightshade.

    Edited to add that BabyGlue is exempt from this competition as most arrsers have glimsed her sex. They are now blind.
  2. Better yet we could have the alternative Mr Arrse contest. They could send in pics of their todger and we could then inspect who actually lives up to what they've been shouting about. Magnifying glasses will be provided girls for the more vocal entrants.
  3. yeah alright then doris< i will post a picture of my todger just for you
  4. Fcuk off you bleep whore. Get back in your box unless you're gonna send in a pic of your "clowns pocket".
  5. If you are anything like the joke of a Fore"woman" your unit sent on Telic 1 then your c0ck will be bigger than mine anyway. She had a better 'tache than Saddam. Not that manly in her emotions though as she broke down in tears when told she was crossing the border into Iraq.

    Gopping, gwar bitch, as much use a hexi stove on the moon.

  6. Save yourself the time and ask Mangloo. I reckon she's seen most of them by now.
  7. I'm slightly lost at this. Babyblue has told me umpteen times she's not a c0ck chaser and has never indulged in shagging around on 'ARRSE meets'. Are you saying she has? And who with?
  8. I'm not one to kiss and tell but I have it on good, nay, superb authority that a mod or two have parted her haven.
  9. Mod as in moderator of this site or MOD as in everyone?

  10. ONLY one or two?

  11. MOD as in Ministry of Defence, here, Russia and America, any random squaddy, ex-squaddy or Walt who claims he was in the army and he can prove it cause he wears green woollen socks.
  12. So she IS a cockchugger! I knew if!! 10 nil to me!! Cockchugger, cockchugger, cockchugger!! Babymanglue is a cockchugging spunk trench!
  13. Oops! Stupid me, I fear I may not have been telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in my last post. I forgot to mention Papa Lazaroo.......................................... :D
  14. Papa Lazaroo banged Babygloo up the bum? Mein Gott im Helm! Another ARRSE wedding?
  15. Hang on a minute... i thought he was slipping it in someone else?

    Has he been moonlighting with babyglue? .... the story continues....