Another Minister leaves documents on display.............

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by top_soldier, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. T'was a copper last time, no?*

    *Cancel my last as I've just read the article.
  2. Not wishing to be cynical about this, but since it's well known that the press will snap anything of this sort, I wonder whether this isn't a 'Terribly, sorry, Andrew, but you'll have to think about resigning' mistake, but a 'Well done, Andrew, that ought to send the little git a clear message' mistake?

    We could get all sorts of entertaining misinformation spread across the press by accidental-on-purpose exposure of carefully created documents to photographers...
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  3. TIT!!!
  4. Not hard to put them in a folder. Idiot.

  5. And you guys are naive enough to think that this isn't done on purpose?
  6. Did you read post #3?
  7. I think someone did it on purpose.
  8. We start pulling out in 2014 and so does Karzai. Strange those two events should coincide so nicely. Will he stay in Afg once we leave? I'm guessing, no. He is many things, but not stupid.
  9. Well, beats dropping it on a footpath in front of a journalist, while walking the dog... which used to be the traditional method for these things.
  10. His new villa in Dubai should be ready by then.