Another Minister Goes

BBC is reporting that the Treasury Minister Kitty Ussher has resigned over dodgy expenses.

Soon be none left.
CC_TA said:
Another rat gone - are there many left clinging to the fenders? :?
All of them. They want the £42,000 resettlement grant after the next election.

How many have to go before the 'glove puppet' acting as 'prime minister' realises the game is up.

The country must be allowed to show these disconnected politicians that 'up with this we will not put'.

If a leader at any level in the military, from General to Lance Corporal, had 'headed up' such a scandalous gang of thieves, fraudsters and criminals, as so many MPs and so-called peers have shown themselves to be, that leader would have resigned or, most probably, been sacked.

We have an unelected person (Mandelson - dangerously armed with a European agenda) running the country through the stooge Brown, also unelected as a prime minister; there are ministers resigning by the dozen; there are so many new ministers being appointed that the 'back benches' are practically bare.

We are paying for this farce and it is a disgrace.

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