Another member of the BNP caught doing charity work!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gren, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Oh the shame of it, whatever next?

    Fook off whet

    Shock horror
  2. From the BNP web site? Bit like Hitler advertising his new imrpoved oven isn't it?
  3. TBH I googled BNP doing charity work, and thats the first one that came up.

    Sarcasm is always lost on the fickle though
  4. It wasn't lost! I just thought my comment was funnier
  5. Pathetic thread spawned by a pathetic thread. Hole.
  6. I'm sure the BNP care more about our soldiers than many muslims.

  7. You actually are victorian arent you? do you not have any humour inside?

    Do you not get sarcasm at all?

    Sad feck.
  8. To be fair, I suspect it's more ironic than sarcastic....
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't get it, the BNP are raising money to help Gurkhas stay in this Country but one of their main policies is:

    Surely there is some sort of conflict of interest here or am I missing something?
  10. Ironic in its actuality, but posted in a sarcastic way, to highlight the fact the other thread was posted to highlight the BNP connection, that actually has no relevance at all to the actual crime.

    Sarcasm is just irony but with a different angle of view.
  11. The OP of the other thread failed to conceal their prejudice and ignorance when raising a slightly newsworthy story which does have a passing interest to Arrse.

    Subsequent posters also bandwaggonned their views with the usual tired statements about the BNP, I mean, a debate on who's worse: moslem extremism vs British National extremism - well, both abhorrent scum, aren't they? Rather infra dig for Arrse that can frankly do better, both in terms of irony and sarcasm.

    This following thread just seems a bit petulant... f*** me, I should be a Mod. Where do I get my badge? :D

  12. Given your lack of humour, i would say, speak to Cpunk, he is of your ilk.
  13. Sorry, VM, I thought my views were somewhere in the middle regarding BNP and extremists. Just trying to inject a modicum of debate.

    So sorry it doesn't reach your required standards of cut and thrust. Perhaps I should try harder, or was that just sarcasm?

    I have to agree with Gren on this (God forfend...!). It's you that's tiresome.

    Infra dig? Quite a popular phrase at the moment. Hardly redolent of a good education which I think is what you are trying to infer.

    Must try harder.
  14. You are quite right - both types of extremism are equally abhorrent
  15. Not quite sure where you inferred the dig at yourself. Your views have (insofar as my opinion matters) indeed been pretty level headed and there's no slight to rise to. Some Arrse posters can (IMHO again) have a sad tendency to try to see more good in the BNP than there really is which I do find tiresome.

    Perhaps its also tiresome of me to observe that you reveal a rather unbecoming chip on your shoulder by trying to tilt at the education of others though?