Another Medical Discharge Question

I have suffering from a long term illness (6 years now) which has resulted in several operations. The latest one in June this year has caused the permanent loss of hearing in one ear. This cannot be helped by hearing aids as the ear is simply dead to all sound. I am still recovering from the effects of the operation (balance is buggered now!) and have been on/off work since the op. I have also been P7 CPND Geo for the past couple of years now but I'm not sure if the loss of hearing means it stays the same.

I am just about to enter my last 2 years of service so the question I have is, is it worth trying to go for a medical discharge or just try and serve the last 2 years of my 22? My med centre seems to think I'll be able to carry on serving cos of my job (shiny a**e) but to be honest I think it's probably better for me to leave and settle down sooner rather than later. I'm also due posting next year and don't want to get shafted and be sent somewhere pants in my final years!

How are med boards instigated? Can I request to have one or does it come strictly from the Med Centre? Any (useful) advice welcomed.

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