Another Medical Discharge confusion

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by beckslayer, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. My husbands not so good at the moment he's having spinal surgery on the 12th of november and he's medically discharged on the 23rd, i'm disabled myself and not that he'll be able to move but were due to be evicted from the family quarters we have 2 weeks after that!

    we've not really had much of a clue whats been going off with all this he's been on invalidity leave as downgraded and unfit to work on base, he was sent for a med board and put through for a medical discharge, no one's been very good with information on what happens with the process and we were in a bit of a panic with the not knowing. A forecast statement of what he will be getting came through as SIP with a pension amount and terminal grant amount, apart from us being shocked at how low it was, were unsure of what it means in terms of the fact he was due to be coming out after 15 years and was due his 12 year gratuity anyway on afps75 (injury started pre 05), does the Invaliding terminal grant include what he would have received, i ask this because i read this statement on the AFPS leaflet and it confused the hell out of me

    "Terminal Grant - A lump sum equal to threetimes the annual pensionawarded, in addition to theimmediate, full career,invaliding or preservedpension. The Terminal Grantis paid at the same time thepension comes into payment."

    also do they put in to the VA for the WP? and in for the AFCS automatically? or is that something that has to be done by him, its just a leaflet came through and said that if you were granted a SIP you could be entitled to the WP and to apply for the AFCS its turning out to be the most confusing thing ive ever come across, and given the amounts that came through on that statement i'm quite frankly scared!

    Any help would be welcome

    Becky xx
  2. Would suggest that RBL, SSSFA and/or Forces Pension Soc might be able to help.

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  3. Yeah someone from RBL has been round but pretty much said they couldn't get involved until he had actually been discharged but someone would offer advice , they did get citizens advice to call with money advice and talked about doing other things for us to help out but that was probably 6 weeks ago now and haven't heard anything, we don't want to hound them i know we aren't the only people needing help but i'm not sure how long it takes them to get round to things?
  4. B_AND_T

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    You have 93 days in you quarter before you become an irregular occupant. It could take months to get you evicted.
  5. See your PM Becky.
  6. Thank you guys for responding and the help, its all so confusing and couldn't be at a worse time with me being very unwell myself and a father battling cancer just to find out now that we have it all in front of us with my mum their now saying has lymphoma. My head feels ready to explode. His surgery was supposed to be september but the med centre had called to say that it would be another year and i had checked that with the hospital and in away that meant we could have been through his discharge and moved and settled, but all of a sudden he had a letter through with the date for the 12th of november through right in the middle of everything, its not helped that him being on invalidity leave he's really not been talked through it and i was with him at the med board and all they talked through was the decision to find him unfit for service and the fact that meant he would be medically discharged, nothing really beyond that was explained.