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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by squirt, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. One of my mates served in Bosnia at the same time as me in the summer of 2005. We both received our Althea medals during the tour, however she has recently been issued with the Non-Article 5 medal... Is this a mistake or am I likely to be issued with it too?

    Any help would be appreciated! :D
  2. It all depends on the dates you were serving out there. There was a change over period from NATO to EUFOR when both medals were issued. I think it was when the Gren Guards where the Op Inf Bn. However, IIRC you cant wear them both, there is a DIN stating the rules & regs. I'll see if I can find it.
  3. Mate we were in Boz 2002-2003 the non article 5 gong came in (IIRC) Jan 2003 and is a pan Balkans medal for Boz/Kos etc and has now replaced the other medals for the theatres. Like he says if you allready have one for the other places you can not wear it so it'll get chucked in a drawer then.
  4. Hmmm, medals
  5. Tiffy_A_Mech, as far as I was aware they no longer issued non-article 5s for Bosnia, so it was a surprise to hear that my friend had been given a second gong. We were out there in 2005 and the Scottish Argyles were the Infantry present at the time. I only served a pitiful 9 weeks due to the detachment closing, whereas she served a full six months, so it'll be interesting to discover whether or not I am eligible for another medal or not.

    I realise I wouldn't be able to wear them both but it'd be nice to add another medal to my collection of, er, one, so far! I'm going to speak to my admin office when I get back to work next week, so if anyone else has got any further information I could use to back up my query, it would be much appreciated. :D
  6. I was also there with the A&SH and only qualified for the EUFOR medal
  7. Me too - nice tour. As the proud owner of the NA5 medal the DIN was pretty clear to me - you can only wear one. The Ocularse/Althea gong therefore stays in the drawer.

    However, what happens if you get, say an MID on the Althea tour - where does the oakleaf go?
  8. on the bare chest (good tatooists around???)
  9. Sorry mate, duff gen. You can only wear NA5 if you haven't got the UNPROFOR or NATO medal for either Former Yugoslavia, Kosovo or the Macedonia job. Similarly, if you have NA5, you can't wear the Althea medal.
  10. Well now you know. Sort it out.
  11. On a related topic...

    I was in Bosnia when PALATINE and AGRICOLA became OCULUS and was "awarded" the NATO Non-Article V medal. I can't wear this because I already had the Kosovo medal. Is it not permissible to put a numeral on the Kosovo medal to indicate the subsequent tour? Repeated tours in both Kosovo and Bosnia earned numerals so shouldn't the same apply when the two became the pan-Balkans op?

    I know this was all along time ago and I really should get over it, but it was a Christmas away from home with nothing to show for it and it irritates me.