another medal enquiry?

who issues the nato isaf medal is this done through the medal office or nato its self??

due to the constant unreliablity of informtaion from my own unit or just the fact they plain cant be asked to bother in helping i was hoping some people in the know would be able to advise on here.


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Cn't talk about the ISAF one, but a bunch of our guys got back from Bos and were sent a slack handfull in a box through the post, joke was they already had theres as thier Sgt popped into Banja Luka and asked if there were any availible and was chucked a box.

Mine was given to me mid tour by the Adj who was passing by
The ISAF "souvenir" medal is a stores item, not an official medal. They are issued through the stores system in the same way as green socks and rank slides.

A box load is usually given to the RQMS who then has the responsibility of dishing them out fairly amongst the lads.

Most units don't bother giving them out because it sends out the confusing message that they may be worn. They end up gathering dust in the corner of a forgotten warehouse.

If you really want one, your best bet is to buy one from ebay, in the same way that you would buy some desert cam trousers. Don't pester the RHQ staff because it has nothing to do with them, although you could try pestering the storemen to see what happened to the boxload that your unit was given.
If you didn't get it in theatre. Get your admin to apply for it through Medal Office.
You are wrong, W-t-f.
The medal Office have nothing to do with this worthless bit of tin. It was an ISAF issue "medal", not a UK medal.
If you didn't get it in theatre, ask your RQMS.
I got mine with a post-it note on top which said "turn the lights out when you leave"

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