Another Med discharge!!

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by customiz, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. So, as of today, i have been a civvy for 2 days (discharge date 02/10/12).

    I left work 30/11/11, and i have been without support since, no visits, and very minimal contact with my unit unless i contacted them. After getting quite bored after a few months i proceeded to look for work as being a house husband was driving me mad.
    Found a job, although not ideal. My body really did not agree to this so after 5 months i had to resign. I have been unable to work since as my body is determined to not play ball.

    I have really struggled to get anywhere with SPVA to find out what i am entitled to or what i am likely to recieve, luckily the second job i was doing helped to practically clear all my debts. But now i am unemployable due to physical and mental health problems i am struggling to keep a grip on the reality of my predicament, quite a few call centre workers have recieved difficult phone calls from myself.

    I cant believe that the system is as poor as it is, and people are suffering unnecesarily due to its inefficiencies.

    I have even had to refer myself to combat stress as the NHS is garbage and helping people, but even they are snowed under at the moment.

    Does anybody have any pointers please????


  2. Try this: About the Service and Personnel and Veterans Agency
  3. Contact your nearest ROYAL BRITISH LEGION COUNTY HEADQUARTERS (not the local RBL Club), and ask to speak to the Welfare Case Worker/ Rep/Officer.

    Arrangements can be made so the Welfare Case Worker/Rep/Officer visits you to advise and assist.

    PM me if you wish with your location etc as I am a member of the Royal British Legion.
  4. thansk for your quick replies, as to a case worker from SPVA - dont make me laugh. they have only just acknowledged they have my paperwork..... and thats because i phoned them to enquire about my case!

    After reading some of the horror stories on here i am not looking forward to the future with regards to feeding my family!!!
  5. What part of:
    is confusing you? You've had almost a year to get this sorted.
  6. THANKS.

    Just what i needed!!
  7. Contact the Veterans Welfare service (link below) and ask for a home visit, believe me they are very helpful. I was very reluctant to use them due to my battles with SPVA, but if you need help and/or advice they are the people to contact.

    How to Contact the Welfare Service
  8. Oy, Trig, see post 2. You're a bit slow today!!!!!
  9. Your Majesty,

    Should one click on and follow the linky things one will discover they will take one to two different places! Yours takes the OP to the complaints Dept & mine to the Welfare Service Contacts.

    I trust this has been informative,

    I have the Honour to be ...................
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  10. It won't matter anyway, he won't look. He'll probably start another thread about it soon and ask the same question.

    I've PMd you.
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  11. As spva have only just got my files, the complaint is not really with them, it is with the system. i came on here looking for advise on how others had got on, not needing someone to do it for me!!

    thanks EScotia, i have been in contact with welfare, they just told me to phone back if i wanted to find out about my case, but i will try them again on monday.
  12. When you ring them on Monday explain you need a home visit so you can show and explain the problems you're experiencing so they can advise you on what War Pension/AFCS or DWP benefits you may be able to apply for.

    It may be that you meet the criteria for more benefits from the DWP than you ever would from SPVA, that's not the fault of SPVA it's just the way it is!

    Try not to lose it with SPVA call centre personnel, it helps no-one least of all yourself. I did in the early, very frustrating days of my Med Discharge and many a piece of humble pie was eaten as a result. Put yourself in their shoes; they have a system (and it's guidelines) to follow, cannot deviate from it and deal with a tremendous amount of people on a daily basis who all want to ask important (to themselves) questions about different subjects to someone with only a basic knowledge. All they in effect are is sign-posters who (hopefully) direct you or your question to the appropriate person or department.
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