Another MD thread

Sorry, this has already been talked about.
I have looked and found good info on here about the MD process, so many thanks to all.

i have a few question because yet again my unit has left me in the dark.

Sat a med board 3months ago. (P8) Sent away and got told to wait at home for letters/info in the post.

Had a injury back in 2006 (army related) 2007 reconstruction surgery of right foot
had a claim from the AFCS level 12. (Been told I can ask for a review on or after my discharge date)

Been in for 10years(lcpl)
On the old pension
do any one know what will be my entitlements?
And what will I roughly be getting?

have tried speaking with APC. JPAC etc.. And no one can tell me. What I find a little strange.
It seems to be a waiting game.
It would be nice for some information of current rates of pay out/pension (I'm happy with AFCS)

many thanks
Moved to somewhere more relevant to the query.

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